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Hogan Lovells has set up an online platform for staff to log "microaggressions" committed against them by colleagues, such as "bias related to gender, race, sexual orientation" and disability. 

The firm has partnered with a tech company, InChorus, to launch the system to "advance" its DEI efforts. Staff will be encouraged to use the platform to anonymously report "bullying, harassment, and non-inclusive behaviours" along with microaggressions.  

InChorus defines "microaggression" as "subtle, often unintentional, behaviours or comments that convey negative assumptions about a person's identity or background," and lists examples, including:

  • Gender Microaggressions, such as referring to a "mixed-gender group as 'guys' which might offend some individuals." 
  • Racial Microaggressions, such as asking someone where they are 'really' from or telling a person of colour they are 'articulate'.
  • Age Microaggressions, such as referring to younger colleagues as 'kids' or assuming an older colleague is technologically challenged.
  • LGBTQ+ Microaggressions, such as asking inappropriate questions about someone's sexual orientation or "using heteronormative language without considering diverse identities".
  • Disability Microaggressions, such as assuming someone with a disability needs constant assistance.
  • Class Microaggressions, manifested by stigmatizing certain neighbourhoods or living conditions.
  • Religious Microaggressions, such as asking "insensitive" questions about religious practices. 

Unfortunately, the app has come to Hogan Lovells over a decade too late to capture this diversity fail incident. 

"We are delighted to be at the forefront of using such a progressive tool," said Penny Angell, UK Managing Partner about the InChorus platform. "We know that there can be a reluctance to call out seemingly 'minor incidents', which may nonetheless contribute to someone feeling excluded or marginalised in the workplace. By embracing this technology, we can help ensure that every voice is heard, allowing us to review and act on trends over time and to foster an even more inclusive environment. "

However, some have been quick to accuse the firm of "Woke Tokenism" and being "Orwellian":

The TimesDM

And one article on an HR website, People Management, stated that HogLove's anonymous reporting system has "the potential to create a culture of fear and suspicion," but noted on the flipside, that it could help "bolster psychological safety."

A Hogan Lovells spokeswoman told RollOnFriday that the InChorus tool is anonymous, in that it "is not possible for either the reporter, or the person who the incident is about, to be named."  

She also said that "it does not replace the firm’s existing HR channels for recording serious incidents".

Earlier this year, the SRA said that it was investigating 24 cases which involved allegations of bullying, harassment and inappropriate pressure at law firms.

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ComeAtMeBro 05 July 24 09:30

HL: We have implemented a new system and invite people to report microaggressions.

Employee: I would like to report that male leaders in the firm often get described as pale, male and stale.

HL: No, not like that!

What a pity 05 July 24 10:04

Mixed group gets referred to as “guys”. 

Option 1: snitch, get a black mark against the person, and have said person constantly question which colleague reported them, creating a suspicious atmosphere in the office and forever feeling on edge. 

Option 2: pull Steve for a private chat and say, “hey Steve would you mind not referred to us as ‘guys’ - thanks so much”. Doesn’t happen again and Steve respects you for politely speaking up. 

How sad that most people now prefer option 1. Christ knows how they’ll cope when they become partners - will they run to HR every time they need to have a difficult conversation with a client?

Spotty Lizard 05 July 24 10:08

What about professional microaggressions, such as assuming that someone is an inept tede because they work at HogLove?

Oh Christ 05 July 24 10:21

This from a firm which won't mention, let alone condemn, the genocide in Gaza which entails the killing of tens of thousands? 

Oh, poor me. He hurt my feelings!! 

Anonymous 05 July 24 10:33

"referring to a "mixed-gender group as 'guys' which might offend some individuals."

Surely the correct response to this complaint would be to take the individual self-describing as offended aside and to give them a thorough psychiatric evaluation to determine whether they are mentally fit to be in work? 

It sounds like a Health and Safety issue just waiting to happen as they're clearly bordering on some kind of imminent mental collapse in the face of anything even mildly stressful.

Anonymous 05 July 24 10:38

"Option 2: pull Steve for a private chat and say, “hey Steve would you mind not referred to us as ‘guys’ - thanks so much"

And hopefully Steve replies: "No, I don't see the issue and you seem to be the only person who minds. I think that your elevated level of sensitivity is the problem here rather than anything that I, or anyone else, has said or done" and carries on exactly as before.

By all means censor profanity, but the idea that one can act as an arbiter of acceptable phraseology for all those around you and that one is entitled to unilaterally compel others to speak solely in HR approved jargon is a level of entitlement that needs to be politely but firmly declined.

Anonymous 05 July 24 10:47

"This from a firm which won't mention, let alone condemn, the genocide in Gaza which entails the killing of tens of thousands?"

Oh woe! Where is the compassion?! Why oh why won't a law firm, and every other corporate organisation on the planet, ignore its core purpose and join you in broadcasting your obsession with Jews, no wait sorry, I mean with 'Zionists'?

Doesn't it understand that Hamas is keeping those hostages in the name of Freedom? Why will HogLove not join you in your noble quest to have Israel leave those poor souls to rot in whatever underground tunnel they're being kept in until Hamas is given everything it wants?!

The civilians! Think about the dead civilians! Except for the Jewish ones being kept as hostage corpses... but oh the humanity and the civilians!



ComeAteBro 05 July 24 11:11

@Oh Christ 05 July 24 10:21

Yes, every firm, company, man, woman and child must constantly discuss Gaza and condemn the 'genocide' on an hourly basis lest their silence be used to accuse them of tacitly supporting it. 

Such an infantile way of thinking. 

mmmmmmmmm 05 July 24 12:28

Describing law firm leaders as "pale, male and stale" is not a microaggression, it is just stating a fact.

Human 05 July 24 12:33

The plan must surely be to grind down to exhaustion the best athletes in the grievance Olympics by encouraging them to be perpetually triggered and offended by each other.

Anon Report #592578 05 July 24 12:47

Jenny looked at me kind of funny in the canteen the other day and I'm pretty sure that it's because I'm a non-binary person of colour whose neurodiversity is a vital part of my identity. 

I challenged her and she said that she wasn't looking at me at all and was just staring into space thinking about something work related and that I'd wandered into her field of view while holding a tray of beans and mashed potato. I informed her that she was gaslighting me which is a microaggression in its own right, which compounded my trauma.

Then she looked at me in a funny way again and this time I am sure about it and know she was definitely looking at me.

I no longer feel safe or valued.

Plz deal

Anonymous 05 July 24 12:54

Honestly, I would sack all the losers with DEI non-jobs.

I generally think I am pretty progressive (but may be wrong about this) but this DEI BS just undermines that whole approach.

If you are offended by the term "guys" you are clearly a snowflake and not cut out for city law. If you are someone enabling the snowflakes then you are just a parasite undermining the competitiveness of the English legal system. 

ComeAtMeBro 05 July 24 13:08

@mmmmmmmmm 05 July 24 12:28

I could provide some per captia crime statistics if you like but suspect this wouldn't fall into your definition of a 'fact' and would have you reeeeeing back into your safe space. 

Anonymous 05 July 24 14:15

Really? The same Hog Lov that assumed a black vac scheme student was supposed to be working in the kitchens and sent her to the catering department on her first day? As a former employee I recommend they start with the macro aggressions and work from there…

Confused of Ealing 05 July 24 16:34

Is a micro-aggression capable of being determined to exist objectively? Were I employed at Hogan Lovell I would be constantly concerned that more or less any comment  that concerned anything other than the subject matter of a piece of work for a client could be perceived as micro-aggressive by someone.  The bigger the firm the more likely there is going to be someone who may be offended.

How much personnel time will be involved in dealing with complaints?

How long before we all become self-employed sole practitioners WFH?  

Boston PI Lawyer 06 July 24 17:27

So glad I'm self-employed. In other news, I settled a personal injury case for $1.5 million and took a $500k fee. Don't think I will work that hard for the rest of the year. 

This is pointless 06 July 24 18:11

This has been designed to make certain people feel good about themselves and is virtue signalling at best. It won’t help anyone. 

Omfg 06 July 24 23:58

Given all the horrific behaviour in the city, why are HL focusing on microaggressions?

Why dont they try to fix the pressure they put on people that has resulted in suicide?

Why dont they fix the bullying they do want they want to manage people out?

Why dont they fix the unequal pay?

Why donr they fix the lack of female partners?

I can guarentee no-one GAF about those microaggressions when they cant sort out the macroaggressions. 


Human 07 July 24 16:47

The more I think about this, the more I realise this logging is itself a micro aggression conspiracy by the corporate cis gendered zionist-capitalist slave master space laser pizza people. The emotional and mental labour of logging perceived slights will fall disproportionately on the shoulders of queer crystal healer people of colour.  It would be more equitable for all straight pink people to record their own microtransgressions.

scriptKiddy 09 July 24 10:06

surely it will simply be an infinite loop, the act of reporting a microaggression is surely to some people a microaggression.

The new AI bots everyone keeps banging on about will be designed log microaggressions and all the systems will come to a screeching halt as they start logging microaggressions about the microaggressions automatically, before you know it, we will have Cyberdyne systems virtue signalling people to death. 

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