It's the highlight of the legal calendar: the Glamorous Solicitor of the Year competition.

Each week RollOnFriday places a lawyer nominated by a reader into the Glamorous Solicitor gallery. Acceptance is not based on anything as shallow as looks. Instead, a Glamorous Solicitor must possess qualities they are free to change, but which, for reasons known only to them and their priest, they decided to immortalise in a photo instead.

And good for them. In a world of corporate drones and identikit profiles, Glamorous Solicitors dare to flash their personality. Refusing to bow to norms of dress, hair, pose, expression or accessory, they radiate individuality and, yes, glamour. RollOnFriday has pulled a shortlist of 12 from the class of 2018.

Mark, Andreii and Alex impressed the selection committee with their bold barnets.




David, Ivan, Pat and Ralf each explored the possibilities of facial hair and reached exciting conclusions.





Stephen, Patrick and Sergio pulled faces.




Frans drew inspiration from the Dutch masters. 


And John drew inspiration from a car dealership.


Now it's your turn. Vote for your favourites, as many times as you like. The six lawyers with the most votes will go through to Round 2 next week. May the best Glam win.

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Sorrydidyousaysomething 30 November 18 10:23

For me the front runners are Alex Kilby and Frans Kobossen.  I would say Paddy Van Eecke but I can't look at him for long enough to vote.  

I love the look on Sergio Davila's face and don't think he should be marked down for this at all.

Buzz. 30 November 18 15:17

Most of these freaks aren't solicitors so ought to be ineligible.  Keep it as a comp for legal fellows of these sacred Isles. 

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