The finalists of the Glamorous Solicior 2018 competition have been picked.

A slightly distrubing 4,547 votes were cast over the last fortnight. Your considerable efforts have whittled down the six semi-finalists to three contenders for the ultimate award in law. 

It means farewell to John Heaphy, whose index fingers can now take a well-deserved rest. And Frans Kobossen, whose impression of a portrait by a Dutch master made him the most suitable Glam ever to be framed. And Alex Kilby, whose proud mop attracted 989 fans, or one super-fan he should be worried about. 



Now for the finalists. Mark slips through with 1,159 votes. He's got a killer combo of teeth brighter than the sun and curtains longer than actual curtains, but will it be enough? Stephen Sampson secured 1,481 votes. He's just happy to be here. Patrick looks worried. He needn't be, he's the bookies’ favourite after racking up 1,833 votes.

But it's all reset to zero now. The poll will be open until Thursday 10 January.


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