10 January 2018
Trevor Hauff, an Australian lawyer who gets the work/life balance just right, is the Glamorous Solicitor of the Year 2017.

Hauff faced stiff competition in the final. Assembling a disguise that epitomised this season's must-not-have look, , Tehran's very own Mohammadreza Maleki attracted 22.47% of the vote. But 'Carlos the Jackal on the run' just didn't blow up like his fellow finalists.

    Passport application = rejected.

Michael Moss from Minneapolis came so close. His alluring glare hypnotised 38.53% of voters. But he couldn't quite pull the rabbit out of the hat.

  He'll always have our hearts, and our memories and control of our bodies when he says the trigger word.

In the closest GlamSol final ever, Hauff took the crown with 39% for the truly stunning profile picture on his firm website.

Snapped with a fancy hat and a cocktail, perhaps not the first that day, Hauff was an immediate success and he led the field in every round.

    All Hail the King in the South!

Writing from Australia, Hauff told RollOnFriday, "Not sure that I could qualify as a Glamorous Solicitor (my wife would certainly not call me Glamorous and has a few choice other names for me). However I am only too happy to accept the accolade with honour, humility and the humour in which it is given. Should I at this point thank my mother and friends for being such an inspiration to me...?"

"Imagine; Glamour - what a thought that a lawyer could even dream of such a label in the cold, unforgiving domain of the Court Room where Justice Grimm is presiding".

As to how that relaxed portrait came to be, Hauff explained, "I am a solicitor in Port Douglas, a small piece of paradise in North Queensland, a tropical tourist town where the rainforest meets the reef, boasting the closest point of debarkation to visit the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. Hence the tropical narrative on my web site, although technically this picture was taken at the beach bar of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel ('Pink Palace'), Waikiki, Honolulu, when on a golf sojourn with a few golf mates to play the iconic golf courses on Maui, principally Kapalua, and of course the home of the Sony Open Waialae on Oahu near Diamond Head, where Elvis Presley played golf near his then house when he made Blue Hawaii".

Hauff quite rightly used his victory speech to plug his firm. Port Douglas, he said, "is a great spot to have a retirement villa/apartment/unit on the beach, one of Queensland’s iconic beaches. As one entrepreneur put it, Port Douglas is the St Tropez of Europe". Not sure we follow you there, Trevor, but have another drink on us. "When here, visit your local lawyer for any legal issue including conveyancing for your property purchase and a game of golf at our world class golf courses, all within 5 minutes from the beach".

As the music played him off, Hauff continued, "From the tropical glamour of Port Douglas, the 'Glamorous Solicitor' bestows upon you all the glamour that any lawyer could possibly bestow in the world of unglamorous lawyers and the harsh reality of the law, but for the glamorous solicitor, who spreads enchantment, style, charm and colour into an otherwise dull world". Last orders! Well done, Trevor, thanks for being a good sport. We'd send you a RollOnFriday t-shirt but you're in Australia.

Thanks to all who voted. The first GlamSol of 2018 will arrive next week. In the meantime, why not vote on your firm in the RollOnFriday Firm fo the Year 2018 survey.
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Anonymous 12 Jan 18

ROFL should get runners' up comments from the other two, I can only imagine, the response. It would make my day.

Anonymous 13 Jan 18

Good for him. Queensland is lovely.
He actually looks better than some of those who did not win if you ignore the shirt and just look at the face.

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