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Once again it's time to review some crackers from RollOnFriday's Glamorous Solicitor archive and award one of them the prestigious title of "Glamorous Solicitor of the Year 2011".

This year will be a knockout contest. Like the X Factor, but with proper talent and no funny trouser positioning. This time next week the number contenders will be whittled down to six, and the week after it'll be three for a final shoot-out.

Readers can vote as many times as they want, and RollOnFriday independent adjudicators will definitely not be on the lookout for suspicious voting patterns. The winner gets the glory, and an original "Queen's Counsel" cartoon by Alex Steuart Williams.

Check out the gallery below and cast your vote.


Robert Garson, GS2Law

Christian Hess,

Rupert Lewi,
Blake Dawson

Steve Neale,
Ison Harrison

"Brrrap brap word to your mutha"
   "Christian regrets doing his own highlights"
  "Rupert regrets not tipping his barber"
  "Steve used to joke about becoming a lawyer. Well he's not laughing now"


Bill Ramsey, Matthew Arnold & Baldwin

Heather Summers,
JST Lawyers

Sheldon Cordell,
Joelson Wilson

Pierre Popesco,
Herbert Smith

"Wild Bill Ramsey, Watford's greatest lawman"
  "Here's Heather!"
  "He who smelt it dealt it, Sheldon"
  "Pierre is French but a part of him will always be Brazilian"

The assorted lawyers of Venable LLP

Joan A. Lukey,
Ropes & Gray

Andres Aavik, Aavik & Partnerid

Brian Sherran,
John P Hagan Solicitors

"The glamorous faces of Venable LLP"
  "Life is a cabaret/When you're at Ropes & Gray"
  "Madame Tussaud is missing one of her waxworks"
  "Brian always found Chitty on Contracts a real hoot"

Last year's winner Tom "smoother than a cashmere codpiece" Adair was so honoured to win that he claimed he had tripled his hourly rate: which just goes to show the astonishing value of the RoF Glam Sol crown.

And remember, if anyone's found a Glamorous Solicitor then send them in for 2012, when the hunt will start again.

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Anonymous 02 December 11 11:21

Pierre.....part of him will always be Brazilian, I assume you're referring to his chin right? Fnar Fnar...

Anonymous 08 December 11 15:23

Maybe I'm just a condescending chauvinist pig, but no way do the women - both of whom are pretty - deserve to be included in this gallery.