A crown court judge who turned the air blue after appearing in court on a dangerous dog charge has resigned.

Judge Beatrice Woodcock-Bolton hit the headlines a year ago when her German Shepherd, Georgina, bit one of her neighbours in the leg. Woodcock-Bolton was hauled before Carlisle Magistrates Court where she chewed gum, described the verdict against her as a "f**king travesty" and complained that she would "never sit in a court of law again".

And how right she was. After being ordered to pay £3,500 in damages she was suspended from sitting while the Office for Judicial Complaints investigated her. And her dogs were seized by police last June after allegations were made of two further biting incidents.


Woodcock-Bolton tendering her f**king resignation 

It was all too much for Woodcock-Bolton, who has now fallen on her sword. A spokeswoman for the Office for Judicial Complaints said that she has "retired on medical grounds before the disciplinary process was formally concluded. As a result, the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice have decided no further disciplinary action is required.”

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