Last week RollOnFriday asked its readers who they thought should front its Christmas appeal. And the overwhelming majority voted for William Boss, Rob Day and Stephen Kon, the former management of KWM who, having holed their ship, left all hands on deck as they jumped to more stable craft.

The trio would like our readers (we assume they would, we haven't actually asked them) to put their hands in their pockets for homeless charity St Mungo's. Click here to give what you can.

No doubt they will be donating lavishly themselves. Kon is at Macfarlanes, with a profit per equity partner of £1.38m. Day is at Proskauer with a PEP of around £1.5m and Boss, the poor country cousin of the group, is at Addleshaws with PEP of £511,000. A 25% drop on the firm's previous year's perfomance that is surely entirely unrelated to Boss's arrival.

Three extremely wealthy, late-middle-aged men do not entirely pull at the heart strings. So here's a picture of a kitten. Everyone loves kittens.


Go on, donate.

What about this one?


Not doing it for you?

Here's Rob Day dressed as an elf riding on a kitten:

Here's William Boss and Stephen Kon dancing with two kittens:


Come on, you'd have to have a heart of stone. Donate.

Here's how Boss, Kon and Day might look if they actually were kittens:


And here's a video of all of them with kittens.


If enough of you put your hands in your pockets we'll treat them to an all-new video next week.
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Anonymous 24 November 17 08:32

Outstanding. ROF have surpassed themselves. I cried with laughter at the vid - although the tears were laced with sadness for all those who got burned when SJB was left to sink.

Anonymous 24 November 17 11:09

This is one of the funniest things I have seen this year on RoF. Please give us another next week.