13 December 2017
The daughter of Richard Keys, the ex-Sky Sports presenter, has been charged with harassing a Baker McKenzie associate who slept with her dad.

Jemma Keys will appear before magistrates next week accused of sending abusive texts to Lucie Rose, a Baker McKenzie associate in London. Jemma Keys met Rose in Qatar while Rose was working at Qatar Investment Authority, and introduced 27-year-old Rose to her 60-year-old father, Richard Keys.

When news of Rose's affair with Richard Keys broke, the solicitor incurred the wrath of Keys' then-wife, Julia Keys, who was suffering from thyroid cancer at the time. Julia Keys told the tabloids, "It’s disgusting what Richard and Lucie have put me through, knowing about my condition". She added , “I do blame Lucie because I thought she was our friend out there. He’s due to come back to this country at some point, I’m not sure when”.

Actual transcript as Keys showed a TV presenter round his home in Doha before the affair:

Keys: "My wife bought me The Titanic."
Presenter: "Oh."

Keys "I've had a fixation, I always have had, with the story of the Titanic."

Keys: "It's a fascinating tale."

Awkward silence.  

Richard Keys remains exiled in the desert, having been sacked by Sky Sports in 2011 for making sexist comments. Keys and co-pillock Andy Gray suggested on their show that a female referee needed the offside rule explained to her because she was a woman. Keys was also recorded commenting about one of Jamie Redknapp's ex-girlfriends: "if you were anywhere near it, you definitely smashed it".

Meanwhile, Jemma Keys has not been well. In 2013 she was given community service for attacking Rose. Her case will be heard on 22 December.
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Anonymous 15 Dec 17

I never know why people blame the unmarried person so much. It was the man married to the wife with cancer who committed adultery with his daughter's young friend - he is the one to shout at.

Anonymous 15 Dec 17

I know that she has done nothing wrong, but being the 'other' woman in a marriage break up never looks good, does it? Especially if the wife has cancer at the time.

Anonymous 17 Dec 17

Don’t you get stoned to death, or something equally horrid, for having an affair in Qatar???

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