With RollOnFriday's Firm of the Year 2014 survey closing in one week (click here to put in your two cents), partners have been divulging what they really think.

At Trowers & Hamlins one partner claims the firm has a "pretty low wanker count", which has got to be good news. Although another reveals Trowers is "more bureaucratic than a French socialist government (and less efficient)". They also say the only way to get made up is to "befriend" a top equity partner. Although it's not clear whether that means just laughing at their jokes or, shudder, slipping under the satin sheets beside them.

    "On second thoughts I might just go for counsel" 

Manwhile over at Olswang partners reveal concerns about an inability to hang on to lawyers. One says the firm has a "stellar" technology practice but "seems to bleed talent" everywhere else. Another agrees the firm has become a "bit smug" and "complacent in parts".

Partners at RPC have more prosaic problems, including the "abysmal" tea and coffee and, worryingly, "pieces of ironmongery falling off the building". But a Browne Jacobsen partner has perhaps the biggest news, letting slip that one good thing about the firm is, er, "the skeleton on the third floor".

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