The RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2014 survey has opened, and hundreds of readers have answered the call. If you haven't, please fill in your 30 second form.

Lots of respondents have taken advantage of the optional comments box to sum up life in their workpod/corner office. See if you can identify which firms are being referred to in the following highlights*:

1. "There are associates who are so competitive that you have to regularly check your cup of tea just in case one of them has dropped rat poison into it."

2. "££££££. And then some more £££££."

3. "There's a holiday camp atmosphere as no-one cares any more."

4. "We keep getting mistaken for DFS."

5. "The Leeds office looks like somewhere Bob Cratchitt would have worked."

6. "By the time I have submitted this you will have been acquired."

7. "We have a variety of tea bags on offer so when things get really bad there are options in which to drown yourself."

8. "I can and do bitch about the effective paycut I've suffered, but honestly I love what I do way too much ever consider leaving. How many lawyers can say that?"

    A holiday camp atmosphere at a law firm yesterday

The full results, along with the winner of the Firm of the Year Award 2014 and the recipient of the Golden Turd, will all be revealed in February 2014. If you still need to enter, click here.

*1. Olswang. 2. Kirkland & Ellis. 3. Dundas & Wilson. 4. DFS DWF. 5. DAC Beachcroft. 6. Slater & Gordon. 7. Ashurst. 8. Government Legal Service.
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Anonymous 06 December 13 09:31

None of those remarks relate to the UK's leading law firm, Bond Dickinson.

Anonymous 06 December 13 14:28

None of those remarks relate to the World's Leading Global Law Firm, DLA Piper BOOM!!!!!!!

Anonymous 10 December 13 16:48

The Leeds office is nice on the outside, if a bit tired on the inside. A bit like Jennifer Aniston.