A City law firm has announced a "great temporary opportunity'" for fresh-faced law graduates to, errr, work as catering staff.

The taxing role demands such skills as serving sandwiches to clients, helping out on reception and setting up afternoon tea. And even the ability to book a taxi. Who wouldn't be interested? The unnamed firm is looking for someone to make an immediate start and interested candidates are asked get in touch with consultants Career Legal. Who wisely failed to reply to emails or pick up the phone when RollOnFriday got in touch with them.

    Sod jurisprudence, this is what you really need to learn.

The role underlines the increasingly grim prospects for legal graduates. Last week RollOnFriday reported on a West End firm looking for highly-qualified legal staff at a miserable £6.10 an hour. Sadly the situation doesn't look like improving any time soon. Some universities have seen undergraduate law applications increase 100% this year (given the anticipated fee rise, the surplus of recent gap-year re-applicants and the preference for more vocational degrees).

The unhappy combination of rising applications for law degrees, coupled with falling numbers of training contracts at major firms can only mean there will be more highly qualified tea boys and girls hitting the market over the next few years.

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