Farrers has been embarrassed by the release of an unfortunate memo prepared by two of its trainees, containing their impressions of students they met at Bristol Law Fair on 12th November - and giving them scores.

Bristol law students might not be best pleased to learn that they were summarised by reference to their ethnic origin:

Comment                                                                                                                                Score

Okay. Not very knowledgeable; Afro-Caribbean origin”                                              No

Middle Eastern/Canadian; okay; overly keen but had done his research”               Good

Middle Eastern origin, done GDL and LPC – doesn’t have the grades!”                   BIG NO

Meanwhile female students, bless their cotton socks, were assessed by reference to their sweetness - a vital attribute for a successful City lawyer:

Comment                                                                                                                                Score

Sweet; soft spoken; good questions”                                                                               Good/Better

Very sweet; 2nd year law; mature in attitude”                                                                 Average/Good

    A Farrers trainee yesterday 

And hats off to those who managed both to impress the students and simultaneously to confirm every Farrers stereotype in the process:

Comment                                                                                                                                 Score

v. bubby. Good conversationalist. Very knowledgeable about sports”                     Good

Really knowledgeable; knew all about Titian; was interested in art; very good”      Better

Connection to Farrers (Simon Bruce is her godmother’s husband)"                          Best

Farrers didn't comment.
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