12 December 2018

An American lawyer, who paraded as a superhero called "Excuseman", has admitted stealing over USD1million from his clients.

Jordan Margolis specialised in personal injury and wrongful death cases. He also took a car crash approach to his work, as he settled cases for clients without their consent or knowledge and pocketed the money for himself. 

Margolis used some of the stolen money to fund the publication of three books featuring a superhero he created called "Excuseman". With Excuseman's powers shackled only by Margolis' imagination, the books examined the "negative effect" of excuses on society and why people "mess up and don't fess up". In his book "The Misadventures of Excuseman", Margolis confessed "I'm a professional, so I can come up with an excuse at the drop of a hat".

Excruciatingly bad
His kryptonite was irony


Excuseman 2
He's the hero that the world doesn't deserve, nor the one it needs

Margolis created clips on YouTube to promote his books. In one video Excuseman (Margolis in tight spandex and a mask) rides a segway down some Los Angeles streets and speaks at a book store:

Margolis had to return to the real world when he was unmasked over his dodgy dealings concerning the misappropriated client money. He was stripped of his law licence in 2015 and charged with 36 crimes including, forgery and theft in 2016. He appeared in an Illinois court this week were he pleaded guilty to a charge of theft totalling more than USD1million, following a plea agreement with the prosecution. 

The court will sentence Margolis in June 2019. 


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