The Food Standards Agency has given White & Case's London canteen a hygiene rating of one out of five, the second worst score possible.

The FSA assesses hygiene by inspecting how food is handled, the measures taken to keep it safe and the cleanliness of the kitchen. Upon discovering that White & Case's meals are basically being prepared by plague rats and stored in a hot toilet, it awarded the firm's restaurant one point, ruling "MAJOR IMPROVEMENT NECESSARY".

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An email pointing out the verdict has been doing the rounds at the firm. A source told RollOnFriday, "I just thought the food tasted bad. I didn't realise it came with extra bacterial flavouring". He said it wasn't all sweetness and light at his previous firm, but "at least they weren't actively trying to poison people", adding, "we're even expected to feed this rubbish to clients". It is fairly incredible that a business of White & Case's stature is serving chemical warfare: all the Magic Circle firms score five, except Slaughters, which scored four.

RollOnFriday understands that White and Case disagreed with, and challenged, the 1/5 rating. But to no avail. A spokesman said, "We work with our catering supplier to ensure the highest standards of hygiene are maintained at all times and in all aspects of the catering service provided in the London office. Our caterers use strict, best practice processes and procedures in relation to hygiene to support the delivery of a high quality service”.

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Anonymous 16 January 15 08:51

I am glad to see 'a source told' RollOnFriday, as that obviously means nothing. Everyone has their detractors and this is no different, in fact reading the 'comments' it feels completely made up to a point where even the humour failed. Nothing like knee jerk commenting.
I for one, find the food at White and Case to be good, well prersented and tasty and I eat there everyday. I see everyone working very hard to bring us all a top service.
Has anyone asked W&C the reasons for this rating, no, its just eaiser to point an accusatory finger and lay blame. I am quite sure that if we went behind the secenes there would be nothing to hide!

Anonymous 16 January 15 09:20

Having worked at other law firms in the past I can confirm that most days the food here is very poor. Particularly dinners. 4 out of 5 days you’d rather have a sandwich from tesco or starbucks for dinner than anything from the canteen. It is true that a lot of people eat there every day but most of them have takeaway bags on the tables.

Anonymous 16 January 15 11:22

Well done, 08:51, for making about as much sense as a drunk tramp and for trying to detract from RoF's "source" whilst not actually stating that what is said is untrue.

Anonymous 16 January 15 11:32

As a regular lunchgoer at the W&C canteen, I can say that it's absolutely fine. The food's pretty decent - on or above par with comparable law firms and businesses. The only food-related incident I can recall is a Texan guy a few years ago, who choked on some pretzels he bought from the canteen...but he lived.

Anonymous 16 January 15 11:56

To manage to "achieve" one star takes some doing. This is not for quality of food it is for hygiene eg are they washing their hands after visits to the loo, is the food out of date, is there a pest control issue that is not being managed etc. Sincerely folks don't eat at any restaurant with less than 3 stars... I have some industry knowledge. Who is the contract caterer? I love the way "WC" has tried to defend it, their statement doesn't appear to match the facts.

Anonymous 16 January 15 17:34

To the commenter at 11.32 - my golfing knowledge is fairly limited but I thought being "above par" wasn't a good thing...

Anonymous 18 January 15 10:12

Query why the beloved employees were not notified of this apalling rating until the night before it was about to be reported here. I note that the rating was given in June of last year...