Osborne Clarke's website has been erroneously directing readers to the services of RPC.

The errant message appeared on Osborne Clarke's Hong Kong page. A sentence describing how Osborne Clarke provides services in Hong Kong has been advising readers: "for an example please refer to the RPC website". Which presumably is a reference to Reynolds Porter Chamberlain.

  Highlighted by RollOnFriday's proofreading department

RollOnFriday asked Osborne Clarke about its surprisingly open-hearted approach. The page has since been removed. However, an Osborne Clarke spokesperson said "Thank you RollOnFriday for spotting that in our excitement we'd published a draft, rather than final, version. We've had a word with the proof reader and they've promised not to do it again."

Conspiracy theories have since emerged as to why the message appeared on the site in the first place:
a) RPC moles have infiltrated Osborne Clarke's digital marketing team
b) Government moles have infiltrated Osborne Clarke's digital marketing team
c) It was an internal reminder to copy RPC's site but, in the style of Terry Gilliam's obituary, accidentally went live


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Anonymous 14 September 15 17:29

Probably a dyslexic People's Republic of China infiltrator trying to direct them to the official Chinese government website.

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