A very senior partner at a large international law firm has sent an extraordinary email to members of his firm's board.

RollOnFriday has had to redact large chunks of it as much of its content is massively defamatory. But still, you'll get the general idea...


    How it might have looked.

Why? Why don't you give me more money, given that I warned you about that person's fat girlfriend? Why am I crying into my pint? Why don't nice girls talk to me? Why am I going to press "send"?
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Anonymous 07 November 14 08:31

This could be the pained outpourings of so many partners at so many law firms that it is hard to even begin to guess who it might be. This plaintive and exasperated cri de coeur is actually very familiar to those who get to talk to partners about how they really feel about life inside their firm.
PS. I don't think it's fair (or very sensitive) to mock this guy by calling him a 'nut job'. Reckless perhaps, but mad, not at all.

Anonymous 07 November 14 09:57

I agree, laughing at this might be the obvious thing to do but it's sobering (sorry) to realise just how desperate and needy even outwardly-successful people are. Not a good day for this guy and we should be slow to judge as well as to mock.

Anonymous 07 November 14 11:41

Fair points made at 08.31 and 09.57 - but referring to someone's girlfriend as "fat-arsed" is not the best way to garner sympathy.

Anonymous 07 November 14 12:17

Oh fvck off to 8:31 and 9:57. Rich people whining about their rich people's problems, boo-frikkin-hoo. Navel-gazing tossers.

Anonymous 07 November 14 19:26

You know these types of thigns make me so very very happy that 20 years ago I set up on my own. Best of all I keep all the money and do not have to argue with anyone about billings and no office politics - just do good work, get paid and keep 100% of the takings.

Anonymous 08 November 14 06:46

So many people will have written something along those lines and then not sent it. I wonder how he felt about it when he woke up the following morning.

Hopefully he was glad he did.