30 September 2016
A female associate at a Bell Gully away weekend woke in the night to find a partner entering her hotel room.

The firm held its annual retreat for its litigation department a couple of weeks ago at a hotel on Waiheke Island. Jolly nice too. A female junior associate retired to her hotel room after dinner, leaving her colleagues to enjoy a few Steingrenades in the bar. A partner decided to enter her room (although it's not clear entirely how he managed this ifthe door was locked: presumably he prevailed upon housekeeping). Apparently this behaviour, whilst entirely inappropriate, was also entirely innocent. The partner claims he simply wanted to invite the associate to join her colleagues at the bar. And obviously had no choice but to enter her room uninvited in order so to do.

  How it might have looked. A RollOnFriday simulation.

The associate told the partner to leave. Her exact choice of vocabulary hasn't been recorded but one can hazard a guess. The partner scuttled off and subsequently apologised. Insiders say that the firm has looked into the incident and apparently has addressed it, although the partner is still at the firm.

Bell Gully, which tried extremely hard to protect its partner and kill this story, ultimately declined to comment.
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Anonymous 07 Oct 16

Partners have the right to prima nocta with their associates. She will be silently managed out of the firm, you just don't refuse a partner like that at a firm like Bell Gully.

Anonymous 10 Oct 16

Not the first time it has happened at Bell Gully either. I recall walking into a room at a BG offsite to find a senior male employee on the bed in nothing but his dressing gown which was wide open. He'd asked me to come check a file. I was a graduate at the time.

Anonymous 10 Oct 16

If you cannot handle the heat, get out of the kitchen! Listening to people whine drives me crazy. Its always the lazy people that make the most excuses. How about a little respect for your superiors in the firm.

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