Posh lawyers across the City have been hammered with a holiday ban.

After revealing last week that private client lawyers at Macfarlanes have been prohibited from holidaying for three months next year, RollOnFriday has learned that Taylor Wessing's wealth management team is also being chained to the office. 

A source told RollOnFriday the firm has "the same policy" as Macs, although a Taylor Wessing spokeswoman put it more delicately, saying that in March "we asked all of our Private Client lawyers to give some thought to holiday planning in the first quarter of 2017". 

The ban is a consequence of new tax rules for non-doms which come into force next April. With the UK's pillars of society keen to find a loophole, firms which specialise in saving the likes of Lord Ashcroft and Viscount Rothermere from contributing to poor people nonsense like the NHS and state schools are anticipating a "spike of work", said TW's spokeswoman.

  "Sort it now or you'll be famous for banging a goat's head" 

However, their peers at Withers, which boasts the pinnacle of private client lawyer, can jet off whenever they want. A spokesman said the firm was not restricting leave but would "continue to monitor activity levels". In other words, they can carry on as usual until Mark Carney and Lewis Hamilton realise they're contributing to welfare and overseas aid.
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