Tough gig, but someone's got to do it.

A solicitor has provided a blueprint for lawyers trapped in the UK's winter lockdown by travelling to the Maldives for work purposes.

The lawyer, who flew to the Kandima resort in the Maldives two weeks ago and won’t be returning until February, has been publicising her trip on Instagram.

Boasting outdoor pools and a dive center, the resort describes itself as “a seriously stylish island setting with extraordinary restaurants and bars and plenty of on-site activities to choose from”. It also claims to offer “much more than just a holiday”, which is lucky, because holidays are banned.

England’s current lockdown rules prevent people from leaving their homes for non-essential reasons, and under government regulations holidays abroad are strictly forbidden. However, travel is permitted for work where it cannot be done from home. 

In a series of Instagram posts, the lucky lawyer has been treating onlookers to shots of her family playing in limpid waters, island hopping by jetski, parasailing, and “testing the pool bar out”.

Maldives sky

A great way to spot potential clients.

Describing her Kandima experience as “pure bliss” and “heaven”, the solicitor said it "really is amazing and the pictures don’t do it justice!” 

Another caption alluded jokingly to her workload, explaining she was “off for dinner” after “a long day 🌴 #paradise”. 

Some were confused by the trip. "Do they not have lockdown where you live?" asked one. "Can we go on holiday now i thought all travel was band? I'd actually book tomorrow so are we still allowed certain places?" said another.

Maldives bath

Just out of shot: piles of filing.

The lawyer, reached in the Maldives via Instagram, confirmed to RollOnFriday that she and her family had flown to the secluded resort for work purposes, although she declined to specify the nature of the job.

It may have something to do with influencing, where a social media user with a substantial following advertises products in return for freebies or payment. The solicitor's boyfriend is a reality TV personality, some of whose Instagram posts of the trip have racked up almost five thousand 'likes'. The couple met when she defended him following his arrest for assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

Kandima would not confirm whether it had entered into a business arrangement with the couple, but the advice for SAD-afflicted lawyers who need an excuse at the airport is clear: either get clients who insists on meeting at a house reef, or start dating an influencer.

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AnonymousUK 29 January 21 16:53

This example is not the worst I've seen from the profession.  There's a certain UK-based solicitor with her own 'legal platform' preaching on LinkedIn to law students about self-awareness being the highest form of intelligence, whilst at the same time her Instagram is full of photos of her in dresses and bikinis out partying in Dubai during the pandemic when the rest of the UK is playing by the rules staying at home.  No idea how it's allowed, definitely not there for work purposes given the law firm.  Surprised this hasn't been picked up already.  

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