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"I'm sure I've heard that name before..."

An Indian firm called 'White and Brief' has said that its similarity to US firm 'White & Case' is a pure coincidence.

White and Brief is a Mumbai firm founded in 2018. Despite having a name that closely resembles White & Case, the firm is adamant that it hasn't done an Aldi and knocked-off the US firm's name.

"Although, there is a stark similarity between the name of the Firm and that of 'White & Case', this is purely coincidental and we have not derived any inspiration from the name 'White & Case' in coming up with our Firm's name," CEO Rohini Das told RollOnFriday.

When asked how the firm got its name, Das explained: "The 'White' in White & Brief stands for 'Purity, Integrity & Transparency' and 'Brief' stands for 'Dedicated Solution-Oriented, Client-Centric Service'."

Das added, "the philosophy that drives the Firm is deeply rooted in endeavouring to provide best-in-class services to the clients by a dedicated team of highly-skilled and experienced lawyers who come from the best of pedigree".

To be fair to White and Brief, it's not in the same league as this Freshfields rip-off.  And based on its name and URL - www.whiteandbriefs.com - the firm is more likely to be mistaken as an underwear retailer than the US firm.


A spokesman for White & Case declined to comment. Everyone else kept their fingers crossed for a merger and the dawn of White & BriefCase.

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Anon 26 February 21 08:41

Really? This is a story?! 

Unless I’ve misread, the ONLY thing that is similar is the word “white”, yet that’s made it into a story on ROF? Sounds like there wasn’t enough happening this week for this to be a story!

Anon 26 February 21 09:40

To @anon 08:41 - apparently you don't know that a "brief" is another word for a "case" particularly for advocates and in the US - as in "she was on top of her brief".

TheHorror 26 February 21 10:16

"The 'White' in White & Brief stands for 'Purity, Integrity & Transparency' "

Ye gods, what an appalling thing to say.

Someone needs to take him aside and have a SERIOUS word, I think. 

(not assuming gender)

Lydia 26 February 21 11:44

There are a lot of UK law firms with White in their name such as Owen White and Catlin est 1921. White & Case was 1901 USA

@TheHorror 26 February 21 12:18

1. If ever a marketing person could add value, right? Agree its a terrible name all round and not helped by this explanation. 

2. Assuming gender these days is becoming very difficult but maybe you meant "assuming sex"? I'd be very surprised if Rohini Das is anything other than a 'she' ... 

Sir Philip Brown 26 February 21 17:06

A total coincidence. Just like British Gnome Stores, Sea-Bay (on the front in sunny Scarbados) and the guy who completely co incidentally set up a Portuguese chicken spot and called it Fernando’s. 

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