Eversheds has confirmed that the Managing Partner of its Copenhagen office has resigned, and that it is in talks with three other partners about their future at the firm. But there are rumours that the problems are even greater than that.

Troels Askerud resigned last Friday. The firm won't discuss the reasons, but insiders suggest that he and several of his fellow partners are dissatisfied with the firm's management. Three other partners are in discussions over what the firm describes as a "restructuring".

Although, if the rumours are to be believed, "collapse" could be closer to the mark. Lee Ranson, Eversheds' CEO, insisted that the firm was looking to build its Copenhagen office and that "we are not intending to close it". But he may not have any choice in the matter: RollOnFriday has been told that the entire office is in talks with another firm about moving en masse.

    A Dane considering his career options yesterday 

Eversheds' Copenhagen office is very profitable, and so if it implodes it will be a kick in the nuts for the firm. It'll also set an unwelcome example to other disenchanted outposts in the Eversheds empire. Rumours are circulating that other European offices are unhappy with the firm's new focus on the Far East and could also go native.

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