16 October 2014
The resignation letter of the year award goes to Daniel van Binsbergen, a senior associate at the London office of Dutch firm De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, for a particularly stylish effort.

His email explained his resignation followed the firm's refusal to change its name to include his surname, and included a plug for his new business and a link to a gnome giving someone the finger. De Brauw is a serious firm with best friends including Slaughter and May in the UK and Hengeler Mueller in Germany - firms not known for their massive sense of humour - and it's not known how well the partners took the email. Read on.

    Van Binsbergen's gnome yesterday

Here's the full thing:

Daniel told RollOnFriday, "I loved my time at De Brauw and learned a lot. Great colleagues too. But large law firms inherently run incredibly old fashioned business models. More often than not key decisions seem to be influenced heavily by partners who are thinking of retiring in a few years, so why would they endanger their last couple of big-earning years by changing the way they work?" And in another shameless plug he said that there was still space on Lexoo's panel for RollOnFriday users who fit the bill. Check out lexoo.co.uk/for-lawyers.

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