pay fight

It's probably not as good-natured as this.

Plexus Law is making dozens of staff redundant, with acrimony brewing over the package it is offering the "approximately 38" affected employees.

Insiders said Plexus was refusing to pay the staff all their compensation on the basis that they have been TUPE'd over to Markerstudy, a claims handler which specialises in motor insurance. 

Plexus has allegedly argued that all the impacted staff are working on a contract for Markerstudy, and that Plexus therefore only needs to meet 60% of the wage bill and statutory redundancy pay, with Markerstudy responsible for the remainder.

The proposal was sufficiently unpopular that at least one employee is understood to have flagged the arrangement with ACAS.

However, Plexus has allegedly refused to take part in "early conciliatory talks" with ACAS, and a source said that "no management will attend meetings" and that "HR are nowhere to be seen in any of the three affected offices" in Halifax, Liverpool and Manchester.

A spokesperson for Plexus said the consultations "are ongoing and confidential, and we are therefore unable to comment on them at this stage", adding that "we have continued to provide the appropriate support to the affected parties throughout".

The firm rejected another source's assertion that a meeting last Thursday between Plexus CEO Olivia Roberts and the firm's fixed share partners ended with two of the partners handing in their notice after citing concerns with the firm's finances. No such meeting occurred and "no partners handed in their notice last week", the spokesperson confirmed.

Plexus Law's accounts are currently nine months overdue, but the spokesperson said the firm "is in good financial health".

plexus slide

A slide of evaluation metrics from Plexus Law's FSM Partners' Conference in 2019, with an interesting section highlighted. ROF is not sure why this truth bomb is freely available on the internet.

"Morale is at a new all-time low, not seen since the administration days of Parabis back in 2015", said an insider. And lo, the battle for the Golden Turd began to warm up, and the scent was overpowering.

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Anon 17 December 21 09:35

It’s really quite simple.  If you’re this unhappy and think you can do better then just leave.  If you can’t do better then that’s life.  

Chorlton Resident 17 December 21 10:31

Anon @ 9.35 - we know who you are - get back to Beech Road and continue to read the Guardian, smoke the occasional fag and pretend to be nice by doing stuff like re-homing  guide dogs etc.  

Truth teller 17 December 21 10:31

As usual the unhappy crew shout loudest !!

Morale is actually decent in my office (Leeds) with flexible working going well. My team is busy and we’ve had a pay rise and are feeling quite good with life all things considered. 

We don’t earn millions but don’t work in the evening either so on balance that’s fair and I’m happy. 

shame for the coop guys but when a contract moves you go with it. TUPE is the law after all said and done. 

Anon 17 December 21 11:51

Truthteller, you have no idea what you are talking about. How funny that you have no idea what's going on in your own firm. 

Olivia Roberts sucks 17 December 21 12:03

Enjoy your donuts and your pay rises. Company won’t be around much longer anyway. The millions the Coop contract brought into the business each year will soon be missed. Especially when they’re paying all the tribunal compo. 

Anon 17 December 21 12:10

The Tupe hasn't even been confirmed by Markerstudy (it has in fact been rejected)


They are pushing people out so that they don't have to pay as much to people made redundant 


The mental health of all in my office is as poor as it has ever been and the fact that the company have refused to provide any documentation (due to privilege so they say) to evidence their actual discussions with Markerstudy is just more hiding from Plexus

Anon 17 December 21 13:46

"No such meeting occurred"

Sounds like BoJo responding to allegations of a Christmas party!

Anon 17 December 21 13:58

Leeds. Olivia dished them out personally……Kristy Crème as well……🤷🏼‍♀️

Seamus 17 December 21 14:06

Btw it is not 38. When all this kicked off there were 95. Through bullying and intimidation 40 plus already walked.

The Real Truth Teller ... 17 December 21 14:38

The real truth is no one actually knows if TUPE does apply including Plexus who are just winging it and advising it "may/will" be their intention to only pay 60% of notice and redundancy to all staff affected by the loss of the contract. Telling THEIR staff they may/will need to go and seek the remaining 40% from MSG.   In the interim relying upon legal privilege to avoid disclosing documents to THEIR staff so they can have the full picture. This has been hanging over staff for months and mental health has been in a downward spiral for many.  Completely disagree that Plexus have provide the appropriate support to the affected parties throughout. Referral to a website is not appropriate support. Where are HR when you need them most?  Oh yes, doing the dirty work of the board !

Truth teller @ 10.31 I am glad that you are "feeling quite good with life all things considered" and hope that you never have to go through what your colleagues affected by this are going through daily. 

Philup Ma Hole 17 December 21 14:38

It’s not the loss of contract that’s the issue. It’s the fact they want the staff to work the run off but only pay them 60% of their salary (because markerstudy should pay the other 40%) 

12.03 is a laugh 17 December 21 18:12

Nope matey. The company is more robust that you know. Coop is a blow, but not fatal by any means. Get a bloody grip! 

Anonymous 17 December 21 18:12

Plexus clearly lacks work and has done traditionally. Always capitulate near trial after they've generated enough fees for them. 

To 18.12 pm 17 December 21 19:29

Ha ha. Most matters are fixed fee early settlement is what would benefit Plexus. Obv a comment from a bad actor looking to spread some sh!t. 

Dough-nut F’er 17 December 21 19:32

CEO giving out crème cakes. Sounds ok to me. Nigel has NEVER done that. 

lady of the Shire 18 December 21 17:30

Who ever said the loss of the CO-OP is non issue is living in a dream land.  You probably didn't do that work so are not directly affected by it but that contract alone supported teams in 3 offices.  Will you be saying that when you lose say DLG.  The work insecurity and in-fighting in Manchester will only get more apparent over the coming weeks.  Grab the popcorn - its gonna get rough

Realist 19 December 21 08:53

To 17.30: always a shame when a client goes a different way. However, you clearly have no idea what’s going on at the firm as proven by your reference to the firm potentially losing DLG. 

All clients are always at risk of leaving. Understanding that is key to running a business. As basic as understanding a P&L. 

Anonymous 22 December 21 11:07

@ lady of the shire : work insecurity and in fighting in Manchester? What on earth are you talking about? Do you actually have any knowledge of anything or are you using this forum to simply spread misinformation for whatever personal reason you have for that? It just makes you look stupid given how wrong you are.

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