10 March 2016
A Penningtons Manches partner has roped in trainees to help edit his extensive Wikipedia page.

James Stewart specialises in high profile family law cases and wants you to know all about it him. As well as learning that Stewart acted for Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters' ex-wife in their divorce, visitors to his Wikipedia page will discover the fascinating reasons he was named in The Lawyers "Hot 100" five years ago, that he spent "some time" as a volunteer at a Kibbutz when he was a young man, that he lives in Covent Garden and that he once climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

Coincidentally, of the hundreds of edits to his page, many were made in a cafe 20 minutes' walk from Covent Garden and from IP addresses located, spookily enough, at Penningtons Manches' London office. A source at the firm told RollOnFriday that Stewart has "the most extensive Wikipedia page out there, all of which he had his trainees amend for him".

"Are you coming for drinks, Ellie?"
"No, I've got to put in that Stewpot is a Presbyterian and that his mum's middle name is Frances"

However, it has not been easy for the minions. Wikipedia has banned several accounts for repeatedly puffing up Stewart's profile, including making multiple attempts to include a glowing citation from the "Excellence Awards 2010" [citation needed], dismissed by other editors as "peacock material".

Meanwhile, the two most industrious pro-Stewart editors ('Londongreek' and 'Cameron2007') did such a job on legacy Manches' then-chairman that her page is now prefaced with the warning, "Please do not post your own résumé on Wikipedia". And there is no page at all for Penningtons Manches. Manches' profile was permanently deleted by Wikipedia in 2008 for constituting "blatant advertising".

Penningtons Manches failed to respond to requests for comment.
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Roll On Friday 11 Mar 16

The wiki fishing can be forgive but these usernames

'Londongreek' and 'Cameron2007'

are not. Straight on the blacklist!

Anonymous 11 Mar 16

I've got a suit jacket lined in peacock material. Sadly, I don't have enough clout here to have peons build a Wikipedia page around it, and its once having been worn in the same room as somebody who once shacked up with a guy who used to be famous.

My mother's maiden name is Rosemary, by the way.

Roll On Friday 11 Mar 16

Staying with the theme, my mother's maiden name is Gunning.
Which, not I think about it, may have had some kind of Oedipal effect upon my choice of moniker here.
Hadn't thought about that before. Weird.

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