14 May 2015
Olswang's Finance Director has apparently handed over £42,000 of the firm's money to fraudsters after they sent her an email asking for the money.

Alison Ripley received an email purporting to be from Michael Burdon, who until yesterday was the firm's interim Chief Exec*. A source says that the email demanded that she immediately transfer the funds to a nominated bank account, and asked her not to call Burdon as he would be in meetings for the rest of the day. Olswang has, rather unsportingly, refused to provide a copy of the email. So RollOnFriday scientists have had a crack at recreating it:

    How the email didn't look: a RollOnFriday simulation

Astonishingly, rather than just deleting the email or having a bit of fun trying to reel the fraudsters in, it seems Ripley transferred the cash. Once she realised she had been duped the police were called in. But as the Met's finest begin their investigations ("So what's this electric-mail then?") Ripley will have to explain to the partners why a stack of their cash is likely to end up being driven around Lagos.

    Someone pretending to be Michael Burdon yesterday

A spokeswoman for the firm said "we can confirm that an attempted external fraud has been reported to the police and is currently being investigated. Due to the ongoing investigation, we will not be making any further comments at this stage."

*He's just been replaced by Paul Stevens, the firm's former Head of IP. Who'll be hoping he doesn't meet the same fate as his predecessor.


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Anonymous 15 May 15

My default position is to always believe that anybody asking me for money is a fraudster. This has caused a few arguments in the sandwich shop but but I can safely say that I've never been a victim of fraud.

Anonymous 15 May 15

Tut, tut, now come on David Stewart, that really is very naughty. I know they called you in on a Saturday morning and ordered you to resign, (which was not very nice), but this is no way to get your own back. We paid you back your equity, we let you keep the rug in your office (even though we paid for it), resorting to this kind of trick is really below the belt.

Yours sincerely

The Partners of Olswang

(n.b. if you're too dumb to notice dear Shillings, this is parody).

Roll On Friday 15 May 15

Hmmmm... that Lagos comment was a bit unjustified, stereotypical and, frankly, racist.
And that's coming from me. For shame.

Anonymous 15 May 15

Err, no it's not, Shooty. Because about 95% of these scams do indeed come from Nigeria.

Roll On Friday 15 May 15

Hmmmm.... the two anonymous should report for re-education, I think.
What you say may well be true and a fact beyond all reasonable doubt, but you're not allowed to mention it.
Also: DFTT. ;)

Anonymous 15 May 15

If I knew which considerate (for our entertainment, if not Olswang's!) soul leaked this, I'd be first in (what I suspect would be a very long) line to buy them a drink!

Anonymous 15 May 15

Anonymous 9.48 and 9.50 are the kind of thickos who also believe Africa is a country. Anyway,

It amazes me to hear that an "intelligent" adult in this day and age would fall for this. Ridiculous!

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