12 April 2018
Noel Edmonds has delivered a stunning message to Herbert Smith Freehills: "FUCK YOU".

The television star wrote, "SLIMEY LAWYERS of HERBERT SMITH FREELOADERS-FUCK YOU" on Noel.World.com this week as part of a public semi-apology to Lloyds Banking Group and its Chief Executive, Antonio Horta-Osorio, whom Edmonds appeared to accuse of murder in an earlier article.

Lloyds instructed Hebert Smith Freehills after Edmonds obtained litigation funding in January to sue the bank for £60m. The star claims that Lloyds deliberately bankrupted his business, Unique Group, in the 2000s when Unique Group was the victim of a scam involving staff at a branch of HBOS which was subsequently taken over by Lloyds.

    Noel's Grouse Party. 

Last year Edmonds created a website which is given over entirely to strongly-worded criticisms of Lloyds bank, its executive board, its lawyers and in particular its CEO. On 4 April Edmonds published a post titled "LIAR-yes.ADULTERER-yes. MURDERER?" The piece suggested that Horta-Osorio was responsible for the deaths of "100’s, possibly 1000’s" of people who, Edmonds wrote, had probably killed themselves because they were made bankrupt by Lloyds.

This week Edmonds published an apology of sorts after, he said, Herbert Smith Freehills threatened legal action. "I deeply regret using language that could be interpreted as meaning that I believe Mr Osorio had murdered LLOYDS victims", he wrote. "In future I will use more accurate language-Mr HORTY NOSORIO is the leader of a bunch of assassins who’ve destroyed the lives of thousands if not millions of my fellow countrymen”. Edmonds added his salty message to HSF as a PS:

    bLOBBY bLOBBY bLObBYyyyyyYYYY!!!!

Asked to explain his misgivings about Herbies, Edmonds told RollOnFriday that the firm had threatened him with defamation. In the greatest quote ever given to RollOnFriday he said its banking clients "are the living embodiment of all that's evil in our society - so fuck em I say! love and positivity, Noel Edmonds".

  Given his take on Lloyds' logo, Noel would probably enjoy HSF's Crinkley Bottom.

After becoming one of the biggest names in television in the 1990s with Noel's House Party, Edmonds found new fame this millennium as the host of Deal or No Deal. In recent years he has made headlines for odd pronouncements including claims that his 'Electromagnetic Field Box' can tackle cancer, and that he is visited by his dead parents in the form of two orbs which are "both the size of a melon". 

Edmonds told RollOnFriday that HSF "have threatened both myself and my lawyer Jonathan Coad (Keystone) with defamation actions".  He said, "My position, which has been communicated to them, is ‘bring it on” as I relish any court action which highlights Mr Horty Nosorio’s and Lord Blackwell’s refusal to embrace honesty, professional ethics and human compassion".

Edmonds said he would attend Lloyds' May AGM and "point out to them" that "they carry personal responsibility for the utter misery LBG has bestowed upon hundreds of UK SME’s which they have cynically plundered for both corporate and personal gain".

The TV titan continued, "In my 50 year broadcasting career I have never used the ‘F word’". But, he said, " in the case of these Evil Banksters" it was "wholly appropriate as these men are the living embodiment of all that's evil in our society - so fuck em I say!" Signing off with "love and positivity", Edmonds provided a link to his song about the issue, 'Evil Banksters', saying, "please encourage your readers to see our track which has had over 1 million views so far".

Herbert Smith Freehills declined to comment.
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Anonymous 13 Apr 18

he is giving us a good laugh.
He does hav a point however in terms of the pathetic compensation offered to the victims of the HBOS case. The bank has not covered itself in glory over this and barely acknowledged there was a problem until their staff were on the point of being jailed. Unlike most victims he is able to get publicity and has found funding for his action.

Anonymous 13 Apr 18

Would like to know how many people died as a direct consequence of using Noel's miracle-cure field box as an alternative to conventional treatment.

Anonymous 13 Apr 18

If I were dealing with this HSF, I would take this as a badge of honour. And turn up to court with an improbable fake beard.

Anonymous 13 Apr 18

But why did he 'centre' the entire apology? The headline I could understand, but the whole thing?
Looks messy, detracts from the elegance of his prose.

Anonymous 13 Apr 18

Completely off topic but the only excuse I'll ever get to link to the greatest moment of Saturday morning television ever.


Anonymous 13 Apr 18

I wish he could get Lloyds to pull that insulting marketing campaign they're running about mental health issues when they're probably responsible for the mental suffering and breakdowns in millions of their 'valued' customers.

Anonymous 13 Apr 18

"that he is visited by his dead parents in the form of two orbs which are "both the size of a melon".

Could Mrs Edmonds have just gone to the supermarket to buy her weekly cantaloupe without him realising?

Anonymous 14 Apr 18

It great what Noel is doing, it will be interesting what he does after he settles; will help others? The access to justice for victims is just not there unless you have deep pockets. It beggars belief regulators do not help??

Anonymous 14 Apr 18

Fair play to Noel. I for one am so glad he has the guts and clout to pursue this campaign. One of my distant ancestors was a founding member of Lloyd's Bank (so I am led to believe) hundreds of years ago and I carry the Lloyd name. But I am ashamed to be even a distant part of the family, and feel physically sick when I am forced to watch the Bank's intelligence-insulting and smarmy TV adverts - rightly lampooned by Mr. Edmonds.
I am currently fighting a different bank myself, but all have committed the same breaches of basic decency. Nonetheless, Lloyds still lost me a family holiday home five years ago that a bit of flexibility could have allowed me to retain, and back in the early 90s - during the previous short, sharp recession - the same bank ruined by brother, one of the most honourable and decent people you could meet, for the want of a little bit of give and take.

Anonymous 25 Apr 18

Having recently worked for Lloyds, I am sure Hantonio (as he is universally known to staff) is incapable of murder. However, it is very easy to die of boredom working for them.

Mind you, they recently bought MBNA, the credit card (ie: unsecured debt) company, so when the defaults start, it could get interesting. Hantonio will be back to the Govt with a begging bowl again.

Anonymous 27 Apr 18

It's always disappointing when your childhood role models turn out to have terrible grammar and an inability to retain their dignity under pressure. Swap Shop is suddenly like a bad dream...

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