Blavo & Co Solicitors has started a consultation after warning that all its staff are at risk of redundancy.

The firm bills itself as the largest mental health practice in the UK, but also specialises in criminal, immigration and personal injury law. It has 18 offices across the UK including Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle and employs 240 people.

On Thursday, founder John Blavo informed staff that they are all at risk of redundancy. The firm's website lists 64 solicitors, five legal executives, 28 paralegals, 33 non-fee-earners and 20 trainees, with 70 recent hires yet to be added (and who possibly never will be, now). However the firm would not comment on whether its 19 partners are included in the consultation.

Blavo, who set up the firm in 1997 and runs it alongside practice director Fred Blavo and policy director Lynn Blavo, blamed legal aid cutbacks. But he also said that the firm has been "considering productivity" following "a recent staff performance review". Although making every employee redundant as a result of a bad appraisal does sound a mighty harsh reaction .

"I'm afraid you scored three out of five for attitude so we're putting the entire firm into a redundancy consultation."

Blavo said that the firm had "no other choice other than to restructure", and has initiated a consultation across all departments and offices. He added, “It is important to stress that the company remains financially strong but we have to take remedial action in order to ensure continued operational strength".
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Anonymous 02 October 15 10:07

Is this a made up firm? I've been doing PI for 20 years and I've never heard of it.

Anonymous 02 October 15 10:26

According to the Law Society:

Blavo and Co Solicitors Ltd
Head office Address:19 John Street, London, WC1N 2DL, EnglandTel:0207 0252 020
This organisation has 13 offices | There are 98 solicitors at this organisation

I've never heard of them either, but then again although I have my own mental health and that of my friends, family and colleagues to worry about, it fortunately hasn't resulted in any legal intervention...

Anonymous 02 October 15 12:13

Interesting because they set a Swindon office up in a serviced office 2 years ago and put a girl in there. Since then she has had nothing to do whatsoever, literally would just sit there on Facebook and come into other offices annoying people because she was so bored.

Anonymous 02 October 15 15:13
Seems like the employers rather than the employees were the problem...

Anonymous 02 October 15 21:30

Lydia, That is simply not true on any construction. The same principles applied back in the day, if one was a Limited Liability Company. The circumstances in which the Directors can be held liable for the Limited companies liabilities are limited. Doubtless you are familiar with the authorities, in relation to piercing the corporate veil and such like.

Anonymous 03 October 15 15:37

Rumour has it that they are keeping the employees very much in the dark about what is going on...

Anonymous 06 October 15 22:15

They are indeed all in the dark, and I know the girl you speak of in the Swindon Office.

They have also not paid SMP to some employees and haven't paid back expenses.