Nabarro's lawyers have been told to continue billing clients even while they're having a break.

The firm's time recording policy, which was published on its intranet, states that any break of up to six minutes should be recorded. The rule, which was leaked to RollOnFriday, is justified by the firm on the grounds that its solicitors will "still be thinking" about the matter they're working on. Unlike all other lawyers, who use a tea break to talk to human beings about something else, anything else, for a few precious minutes.

Charging £30 to spend a penny is one way to deal with the post-Brexit real estate slump. But, as one concerned insider commented, it does raise "serious concerns about the quality of gossip around the coffee machines of Nabarro".

    Where there's muck there's brass

A Nabarro spokesman said, "This approach to time recording is not unusual. Most businesses build natural breaks into the cost of their services. Indeed, some of our best legal minds have their best legal insights when they get up for a short break. Lunch is a different matter”.

Nabarro isn't the only modern-day alchemist turning poo into gold, but if your firm also has a loo break clause, write in.
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Anonymous 15 July 16 21:40

Back in the days of tapes I used to work for a Partner who dictated in the Bath.

We all know it . We all include our time for wandering to the copier or swinging by the coffee machine on the way back to our desks Nobody is that much on the stop/start clock.

Compared to some of the tricks (particularly Claimant firms) do this is nothing.

How about firms playing pass the parcel with tasks Disclosure reviews being undertaken by a paralegal, then a solicitor, then a partner just to bump up the time recording. Routine update calls followed up by a letter covered by an email all nicely charged.

Anonymous 25 March 17 19:14

I can be a little distracted thinking about client matters during sex sometimes, in 6 minute (orgasmic) increments .... can I charge this think time?

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