A partner was allegedly ushered out of his Magic Circle firm after he was filmed having sex with a trainee over a car bonnet.

RollOnFriday is not naming the partner, who left the prestigious firm a few years ago.

A well-placed source told RollOnFriday that 'Al Fresco' enjoyed carnal relations with a trainee in the London office car park of the Magic Circle firm. When the blood returned to his brain, he realised that the quickie had been caught on camera. Fresco tracked down the security guard on duty and offered him a £200 bribe to 'lose' the offending footage. Unfortunately for Fresco, said RollOnFriday's source, the guard suffered a fit of morals and reported the partner to managers instead.

    "Get me therapy, fast." 

The high-flying corporate lawyer landed on his feet at a new firm, but he brought his taste for risk with him. He was, said the source, subsequently caught having sex with another trainee in the open plan area.

He has now moved to a third firm. It is not known which of its communal areas will succumb to his charms.
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Anonymous 03 August 18 09:40

the thing that always alarms me about these stories is the distance between seniority levels

Surely this is Weinstein -esque behaviour but instead of being outed and shamed and dealt with these people are just quietly tipped into another firm

Roll On Friday 03 August 18 10:16

I can understand not identifying the people involved, but would have expected confirmation of the make of car.

Roll On Friday 03 August 18 13:38

And each new firm takes him despite the track record. I wonder how the younger people fared?

Anonymous 03 August 18 13:41

I assume what happened was consensual in the legal sense. I am not a big fan of #MeToo-ing every indiscretion, and obviously, the trainees in question, being young adults, had agency for what happened, but so did this individual.

This pattern of behaviour is predatory, abusive of his power, compulsive, destructive, and deeply, deeply disturbing.

Not funny RoF.

Anonymous 03 August 18 20:43

Bribery Act 2010? Should this guy not be in jail? Please can the DPP or SFO look into this. Law Society....? anyone? Or is the system just completely morally bankrupt and openly preferential for the rich now...

England has no shame any more

Anonymous 06 August 18 15:50

I, like many others at the firms where these incidents occurred, know perfectly well that this is story true. Sadly the predator is one of the biggest rainmakers in the city and would appear untouchable. Feel sorry for the females at his current shop because the guy is out of control.

Anonymous 08 August 18 22:37

It takes two equally powered consenting adults to tango. Otherwise, it's called an abuse of power. Or worse.

Anonymous 14 August 18 06:43

@8/8 21:37 - although its not for us to make decisions about consent on behalf of adult women who are capable of deciding for themselves.