A Linklaters trainee has gone viral amongst lawyers after accidentally copying a female partner into a banter-fuelled email inviting his friends to play football.

In the email the trainee invited six members of his Linklaters cohort to play "footie AVEC LA LADZZ". He promised a post-game "team breakfast with macho banter", and suggested, "Lets bring back dick of the week". The trainee, who RollOnFriday will call 'Banterboy', replaced 'Trainee Solicitor' in his email signature with "Self-elected Leader of Football Men".

He also unwittingly copied in a seventh person, his female supervisor. Banterboy only realised his mistake when, after enduring twenty minutes of the group's witty repartee, she interrupted with a reply to all: "footie AVEC LA LADZZ not really my bag but thanks for asking..."

    He shoots, he scores.

On the Nick West banter scale his chat scores a 'harmless', but understandably Banterboy was worried. When one of his delighted colleagues in the email group (which belatedly excluded the partner) noted, "This week’s dick of the week shouldn’t be too difficult", Banterboy replied, "This is the partner I work with. I'm dead". Happily she appears to have taken her inbrotation in good humour. The thread however was forwarded around the firm before, inevitably, leaking outside the firm and making its way round the City . Enjoy:

Linklaters declined to comment.

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Anonymous 04 August 17 08:54

Standards really are slipping at Silk Street. There's a butcher's apostrophe in an email chain. Shameful.

Anonymous 04 August 17 09:03

Whilst this is pretty par for the course with our juniors, you can tell this isn't our group. The fact there's a reference to a female partner is the giveaway.

Anonymous 04 August 17 09:38

jeez, what a non thing - the worst thing about this is the sanctimonious schaden freude in the "non malicious" forwarding from a load of associate tedes, ohh trainee error, what not to do as a trainee

Anonymous 04 August 17 09:45

He has nothing to be embarassed about beyond misaddressing an email, as reflectes in the gentle humour of the partner (good on her). Utterly harmless.

Anonymous 04 August 17 10:15

Is this what passes for scandal these days? Linkies really need to take a long, hard look at themselves for allowing such lacklustre turpitude.

Anonymous 04 August 17 10:32

This is a joke. The guy is clearly talking tongue in cheek. You're not exposing e.g. sexism or misogyny, so shouldn't add to the person's suffering. Also people that forward stuff like this are total losers who hopefully have an actual fall coming to them.

Anonymous 04 August 17 11:27

Excruciatingly tame. The fact that this is even news draws the outdated ‘them and us’ mind-set of the magic circle into sharp focus.

Anonymous 04 August 17 12:20

It does however illustrate women's difficulties later on - all this male bonding - he didn't invite any women (or not deliberately) and all his emphasis on male banter. Not very inclusive of female trainees is it? I never invited female trainees only to women only events.

Anonymous 04 August 17 14:11

I had a male trainee once email to say he was going to be late in to work, as he was getting his highlights redone before his holiday, that email may have got accidentally forwarded on....

Roll On Friday 04 August 17 15:23

when I was a junior solicitor in a firm which only had the one male partner with 5 women working for him we didn't invite him to our Anne Summers party and the language relating to that makes this look like a nuns tea party. This is not even really a story is it?

Anonymous 04 August 17 15:33

Jesus, what is wrong with you people? There is nothing either that strange or offensive in these emails at all.

This is just people talking about football practice.

Have you all lost your humanity/personalities?

Anonymous 04 August 17 16:02

Need not worry. They will still have their last remaining shreds of humanity driven out of them in no time.

"Nerd humour" and a nerd level of gossip.The real question is why he was bricking it over something that wasn't particularly controversial.....?

Anonymous 04 August 17 16:22

1. Although these emails are completely harmless and not newsworthy, what smelly chat from "Banter Boy" and his cronies.

2. Why did Banter Boy proceed to soil his pants after realising he had copied in his partner? Trainees today tiptoeing around broken glass? Sad!

Anonymous 05 August 17 07:39

Remarkably harmless. If someone forwarded me that touting it as "gold" I'd be annoyed, it's not.

Anonymous 05 August 17 08:53

God, that's 5 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Proper dull nerd chat. If anyone forwarded this to me labelled as "gold" I'd ask them to remove themselves from my life immediately.

Anonymous 07 August 17 16:56

Well aren't you all too cool for whatever passes for school where you grew up. I thought this was funny.

Anonymous 10 August 17 11:16

5-a-side at 7:45am? Ye gods!

Leaving aside the horrendous"banter" these lads should be praised for their energy levels.

Anonymous 10 August 17 15:28

SO nothing embarrassing in this chain - to use an expression much in vogue when I was sending ill-considered emails around the firm as a trainee many moons ago.

Anonymous 11 August 17 10:56

Nothing wrong with this at all. Jeez-O, whatever happened to the good old days at Links, like people being spotted wanking at their desks.

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