tHE NUMber 1s of our HearTs

Law firms have marked the festive season by releasing music videos which capture the can-do attitude of Covid times, and may require the development of a new vaccine.

Forbes Solicitors' rendition of Last Christmas by Wham! opens with someone who looks a bit like George Michael and even moves like him, although, understandably, there is a difference in production values.


After a spirited opening, 22 other singers in seasonal outfits appear on screen, although only four of the Forbes choir's voices are audible, with the remainder muted. 


After the first chorus, a voice booms 'Merry Christmas' and a woman in antlers sinks to the floor, before rising as a kind of Bez figure waving a jingle bell.


The soloists incomprehensibly include an employee who looks and sounds like a reindeer caught in the headlights. As any rational non-singer would be if they were compelled to perform karaoke, sober, alone, on video, for YouTube.


The final chorus is sung acapella by the whole choir and illustrates why most of the vocals were muted earlier on. Not because they can't sing, although some can't, but because it's not easy conducting over Zoom, or stitching together 23 separate performances.

The charming video ends just before the centrifugal force generated by George Michael spinning in his grave can hurl Andrew Ridgely into space.

Forbes isn't the only firm to produce a Zoom singalong this year. DLA Piper's effort, assembled earlier in the pandemic, was the "most watched on DLA Piper TV", apparently. It is yet to be released publicly, but a still reveals the presence of a hep cat.

dla video

Shakespeare Martineau has gone very public this Noel with a polished film of CEO Sarah Walker-Smith crooning Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, accompanied on piano, bass and guitar by "soulful Senior Partner" Andrew Whitehead.

It looks expensive and sounds professional, but it also sets a dangerous precedent. Now other management teams have permission to produce their own Christmas singles in 2021, and if the prospect of Managing and Senior Partners having a crack at Slade, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa and Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End) doesn't scare you, it should. 

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Heffalump 18 December 20 10:03

The Shakespeare Martineau is overdone. They are both good musicians - it would have been much better to have ditched the silly camera work and anything other than the piano and singer combo.

yours, grouchily and over critically,


Anonymous 18 December 20 12:50

That Forbes video is the most hideous, cringeworthy and lawyery Christmas thing I have ever seen. The marketing genius who came up with it should be sacked or flogged. 

Oddly, I don't hate the Shakespeare one. 

Anonymous 18 December 20 14:40

The Forbes one is pure genius... shows the real side of people that most law firms shy away from. They’re having festive fun and it makes you smile. Loved it! 

Festive fun 18 December 20 14:52

Dear Anonymous 12:50:

Stop being a Scrooge. It’s been a tough year and people are just trying to spread some festive cheer.  Recommending the marketing bid at Forbes gets the sack because you don’t like a video is a ridiculous comment. Grow up.

Sarah Walker God 18 December 20 15:31

Sarah Walker Smith is a goddess, she is the new leader of this brave new world. I name this world Woketopia! God bless and I wish you all a very little merry Christmas. Although I do apologise for using the word Christmas. 

Lydia 18 December 20 22:50

Shakespeare M is very good. I like it.

I sing and play the piano every day. May be I should made one particularly as the state has banned singing in so many contexts at present.

We have never been subject to such big breaches of human rights and have been sleep walking into a police state and hardly anyone seems to be mind.


Santa Anon, take it away... 19 December 20 08:07

"Simply having a wonderful Christmas Dime"

"Can you stop the SRA"

"Driving home (PI Claim) for christmas"

"Christmas time Misdemeanour and Fine"

"I dont want a lot for christmas (just a job)"

Anon 22 December 20 08:31

Surely it would have been better for Shakespeare Martineau to have saved the money on the recording and used it to save a job or to sure up the business?  Bad  judgement to lavish money on this kind of thing.  What will staff reaction be when no pay rises are announced ?

Bitter 23 December 20 20:58

Agreed 08:31.  Who throws themselves an ego party like this and hires a professional to film and edit it?

Paul wilsons ex 24 December 20 08:32

Agreed @8.31 especially when partner profits have decreased. That and a year of retirements means it doesn't look good.

I pity the fools who will be taken over by this firm. 

Anonymous 05 January 21 11:46

The Forbes effort isn't a bad one to be honest given the issues of trying to edit and merge so many parts without the aid of professional studio techniques. The song isn't the easiest to perform either...

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