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The head of a law firm is so sceptical of the Covid pandemic that he stuck up a sign on his firm's front door banning anyone who entered from wearing a mask.

Jonathan Lea trained at Clyde & Co and was a corporate solicitor at firms including Hammonds (now Squire Patton Boggs) before he founded The Jonathan Lea Network in 2013.

Last week he posted a sign on his firm's office door ordering people to take off their masks if they wanted to enter. 

"All masks do is perpetuate completely irrational fear", read Lea's sign. "Anything that causes people to enter into un-Godly fear and compliance to tyranny is demonic".

It continued, "If there really was a dangerous virus out there, a mask could be largely ineffective", and "multiple scientific reports state a mask is about as useful as a pair of speedos preventing a kid peeing in the pool".

In fact, Lea's sign notified visitors, masks are "a health hazard that deprive us of oxygen" and Covid vaccines are "unsafe and life debilitating".

J Lea sign

Unfortunately reading the whole sign reduces your life expectancy as much as the scamdemic vaccines.

Lea told RollOnFriday he put up his sign after the manager of his serviced offices posted notices recommending people wear masks in the communal areas, and everyone "started obediently walking around with bits of cloth on their face".

When a client from another office in the building walked into Lea's firm with a mask on it "sent me over the edge and led to the sign", said the lawyer.

However, Lea's call to arms "only lasted a couple of days before our serviced office managers took it down", he said.

As an active participant on social media, Lea frequently broadcasts his doubts around the government’s response to Covid, the danger of the virus, and the safety of vaccines.

"Get used to living in your lounge slaves", Lea wrote on LinkedIn in reference to the latest lockdown in England.

Commenting on the news that medics were seeking to be protected from unlawful killing charges, he told his followers, "They take mindless orders like good little soldiers and are in shock when they’re left holding the flaming bag of 💩...They clearly want to have protection from killing people with the vaccine".

In October Lea reposted a message by another sceptic which stated, "If you want your life back, stop complying. Don't get a test, don't wear a mask, don't download the app, don't watch the news and social media for hours on end. Start to live again - there is nothing to fear".

In autumn Lea posted an open letter to Boris Johnson alongside a chart of Covid deaths in the UK showing how they had tapered off.

"Dear Mr Johnson

If people aren't dying...which they're not

And people aren't going to hospital..which they're not

And people aren't ill..which they're not.....

...then why should we care about 'cases' at all?

It's been weeks now that I've seen restaurants and pubs packed with maskless oldies happily socialising. Where are the dead grannies?!?!"

Infections subsequently increased and by January the UK had the highest Covid death rate in the world. (Allegedly, sheeple.)

lea letter

Lea said his staff were allowed to work from home, and were all following government guidance. "We are an open, inclusive and supportive firm and if anyone for any reason thought they'd like to wear something on their face, or have a vaccine, there would be no issue", he said.

"While the team clearly know where I stand on the scamdemic, we are all free to express and discuss different opinions".

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Anonymous 25 January 21 21:33

The mistake the anti-maskers are making is that they think of mask-wearing as something they are forced to do.  They regard it as an authoritarian imposition.

In fact wearing a mask is something we do to protect one another.  It is an act of collective responsibility.

We don't do it because we are forced to.  We do it because we care for each other.

Or to put it in terms the basement dwellers might understand, because the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.  

Anonymous 25 January 21 22:53

@ person using the name Mark Finch

If you think being asked to wear a surgical mask in the middle of an outbreak of an infectious, fatal airborne viral disease can be reasonably compared to slavery then there is something wrong with your thinking.

Anonymous 26 January 21 07:41


What a tool.


Anonymous 26 January 21 09:11


Anonymous 26 January 21 10:44

@21:33 - yes, that's right, it's a beautiful act of collective responsibility.

Which we are all compelled to do by law.



In the SQEE you would now tick the box titled "All of the above".

Leann 26 January 21 23:55

Looking at comments, the majority think it’s unfair to insist on NOT wearing a mask. They would be right. Surely every human being has the right to decide what’s best for one’s health, and if that means wearing a mask, then no one has the right to stop you. 

But therein lies the problem... 

There is PLENTY of science against mask wearing. The Government have followed the money as usual, and it is mandatory for political reasons, NOT health ones. Anyone doing their due diligence will see the multitude of evidence to support this. So why is it that people NOT wanting to wear a mask are forced into it? Why is it ok to force / coerce someone to do something that they believe is detrimental to their own health? 

So anyone condemning Mr Lea for taking this stance should also condemn the government and their policy of lockdown, restrictions, coerced vaccines and the destruction of lives that has come with this. 


“ A lie doesn’t become truth

Wrong doesn’t become right

and evil doesn’t become good

just because it’s accepted by the majority”





Anonymous 27 January 21 12:44

Well done Jonathan for getting attention to this issue here and bringing debate over these concerns. As Jonathan puts it himself..... 'we are all free to express and discuss different opinions." Freedom of speech should mean listening to the other side and formulating arguments. Not slinging personal insults. 

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