26 March 2014
RollOnFriday can reveal that Kennedys has been instructed to represent Malaysia Airlines over the crash of Flight MH370.

The Malaysian Government confirmed earlier this week that the flight had crashed, and it was unlikely that there would be any survivors. As the grief of relatives of the deceased turns to anger, a slew of claims is expected. One Chicago firm, RibbeckLaw Chartered, filed on Monday, demanding that Malaysian Airlines and Boeing hand over documents which might show design or manufacturing defects in the aircraft.

    RibbetLaw yesterday

The news comes as aviation superstar Sean Gates, who merged his boutique firm with Kenendys, announced that he was joining Hill Dickinson - the firm confirmed it this week. Despite the loss of a number of its aviation lawyers, Kennedys has clearly still got what it takes to get the top instruction in the world right now.

A spokeswoman for the firm said "I can confirm that Kennedys has been instructed by Malaysian Airlines and its insurers. Beyond that though we won't comment further."
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Anonymous 28 Mar 14

Wasn't Malaysian a historic Gates account? Probably didn't get a chance to move before the tragic accident. If Kennedy's are involved in the way the press has been handled it won't be long before they lose the account.

Anonymous 28 Mar 14

Kennedys won it surely because the insurance companies are leading on giving the work not the airline itself.

Anonymous 28 Mar 14

Sounds like Kennedys doth protest too much about its position in the market. Smacks of desperation!

Anonymous 28 Mar 14

Sean Gates has never handled Malaysian Airlines. David Johnston is handling the loss and he is an excellent lawyer even though he is a competitor. Could think of anyone better

Anonymous 30 Mar 14

Law firms are written in to the entire account for different airlines. So Malaysian Airlines was a "Gates & Partners" account. So Kennedys have not "picked" this up. They took this on when they took Sean and his team. Let's see what happens...

Roll On Friday 01 Apr 14

The above story is misleading. A significantly bigger firm has the key mandate from Malaysia Airlines, its just not out yet.

Anonymous 02 Apr 14

Possibly being slow here but is this a reference to the fact that the partners handling the Malaysian accident are said to be looking to join a competitor?

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