There are red faces all round at Irwin Mitchell, after at least one applicant for a training contract was offered a job by mistake  - and then had the offer retracted.

The student was phoned up and told that he'd been lucky enough to secure a training contract. And he then got another call the next day (presumably while he was shaking off the celebratory hangover) from an embarrassed HR manager, who said that it was all down to an "admin error" and the offer would need to be retracted. Nice.

Naturally the student was devastated, and apparently he wasn't the only one. Sources claimed to RollOnFriday that other candidates had suffered the same fate and that the firm's HR department that couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery if it was given the keys and the glasses.

 Irwin Mitchell's HR department yesterday

A spokesman for the firm said that "regrettably one candidate was verbally offered a contract in error. We called the individual the following day to apologise and explain what had happened." He added that the firm had "reviewed our internal processes in this area to ensure it doesn’t happen again", and said that he was unaware of any other similar cases.

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Roll On Friday 16 September 11 11:56

Wonder if the unlucky applicant accepted the TC offer in the initial phone call...

Roll On Friday 16 September 11 14:33

If a telecommunication company rings you, makes an offer over the phone and you accept, you WILL suffer the legal consequences if you do not adhere to that contract, i.e. debt collectors and possible CCJ's. Why is this any different? Maybe because it is involving a law firm and 2 years worth of salary.

Roll On Friday 16 September 11 16:43

I bet they did not say it was conditional.
As they and the candidate will know English law enforces verbal agreements.

Anonymous 10 September 12 12:36

I'm not surprised. The same thing happened to me when I attended the firm for a work experience that had been organised 5 months in advance. I was turned away as soon as I arrived at the offices in the morning because they had forgotten about it.

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