16 July 2013
Irish firm Arthur Cox has defended building a staff golf course in its Belfast office.

The firm has constructed six putting greens in an area normally reserved for seminars. An insider complained to RollOnFriday that it was an odd use of money when salary increases for the firm's Belfast lawyers have, they claimed, been frozen for the last fore! five years. But corporate and commercial partner Alan Bisset denied that a pay freeze was in operation, and told RollOnFriday that partners funded the cost of the putting greens themselves.

   "I need a caddy"
And, although Belfast managing partner Alan Taylor cites golf as a hobby, the Arthur Cox Links is not a partner-only perk. Staff have spent lunch breaks thwacking golf balls at each other in a series of inter-departmental play-offs over the last year, with entrance fees being donated to Marie Curie Cancer Care. Which on balance is probably a better use of time than the traditional listless browsing of Amazon until 2pm.

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Anonymous 19 Jul 13

I caddy think of a better place to putt aside your problems and iron out any problems at work. The big question is wood any other firms do it? That's an Open question tee you.

Anonymous 19 Jul 13

Wow - what a great place to work! Clearly no unhappy staff members here with all that valuable golfing going on - think of the salary increase (!) as set-off against the green fees. No, nothing wrong here in the club house.

Anonymous 20 Jul 13

Partners in Belfast funding putting greens and no pay freezes, the partners in my firm should take note!!

Anonymous 20 Jul 13

Hmm, let's hope this golf thing helps them to raise their reputation from the 'do not touch' category. Have heard their Christmas parties are fun packed!

Anonymous 22 Jul 13

The staff should stand aside and let Rory McIlroy get some practice in. He clearly needs it.

Anonymous 23 Jul 13

"The staff should stand aside and let Rory McIlroy get some practice in. He clearly needs it. "

and also acting classes if he intends on doing any more adverts

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