Hogan Lovells has apologised after a schoolgirl on its "Ladder to Law" work experience programme was packed off to make the tea.

The firm launched the programme two years ago, with the intention of widening access to the profession by providing open days and work experience to kids from inner City state schools. On Monday morning one young student arrived at the firm, but somehow vanished before the induction. Cue frantic calls between HR, the girl's parents and the girl's school.

Eventually she was found laying out tea and biscuits in the firm's meeting rooms. Apparently she'd been wandering around lost before being found by a temporary catering manager who assumed she was at the firm to do some waitressing work. So he snapped her up and packed her off to the meeting rooms.

    Work experience at Hogan Lovells yesterday

A mortified spokeswoman said that "the student is one of a number spending the week with us on a work experience placement to see what life as a lawyer is like. There were some crossed wires that were very rapidly uncrossed and we have apologised to the student and their parents for the confusion. An internal investigation is under way and we are taking steps to ensure this can never happen again".

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Anonymous 17 February 12 03:53

I went to a client function at a law firm once were the people cooking the barbecue were the summer clerks.

Anonymous 17 February 12 16:43

The student might hopefully have learnt that being a tea lady is a much more valued and appreciated role that being a trainee solicitor.

Anonymous 21 February 12 16:05

will you apologise to the parents when the girl suffers a nervous breakdown because of the insidious bullying once she qualifies and becomes a lawyer - come off it