The HFW partner who started a firm-wide hunt for a hacker after denying he cheated in the Christmas quiz has resigned.

The partner, whom RollOnFriday is not naming, was a team captain in the shipping firm's Christmas quiz last year. But after his team won by a huge margin, someone tipped off HR that he must have seen the questions or answers in advance. HR enlisted IT, which discovered that the answers had indeed been opened on the partner's computer. When he was confronted, said an inside source, the partner denied culpability and said someone else must have hacked into his computer.  

So the entire firm received an email from HR stating that the partner had alleged that someone had broken into his PC. It asked anyone with information about the "major security issue" to report it to HR.


RollOnFriday understands that the partner, whom an insider/bitter quiz competitor said was "well known within HFW as by far the biggest wanker you could ever meet", was off work for much of the start of the year.

This week the firm confirmed that he has now resigned. A spokeswoman said the partner, who worked overseas, did not quit because of #quizgate. She said he was "relocating to the UK", and added, "We wish him all the best for the future". It was lovely to have him on the show. 

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