Teacher Stern has been accused of axing its annual Easter egg perk to save £172.

The Holborn firm employs around 80 staff, and traditionally every Easter they each receive a wee chocolate egg from the partners.

But this year they got a different gift. An equity partner sent round an email announcing that there was no longer enough budget for their treats, RollOnFriday understands.


Try as the Managing Partner might, staff were inconsolable.

The news was surprising, according to a source, because Teacher Stern's profits rose by over £500,000 in 2018, allowing the firm's 30 partners to share a record £6,344,957 between them.

The spiralling egg budget may be to blame. In 2017, there were only 83 employees, but that number has soared to 86. At approximately £2 an egg, it meant Teacher Stern spent £172 on Easter eggs in 2018, up by £6 from the year before. It may seem like small beer, but the egg expenditure depressed profits by 0.00002% and cost each partner £5.73 before tax. That's unacceptable.


Extract from Teacher Stern's latest accounts.

Teacher Stern did not respond to a request for comment, because although RollOnFriday's a local number, it still costs money.

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FmrCityLawFirmWorker 26 April 19 09:14

Eagerly awaiting the TS response ... will they suddenly claim that providing Easter eggs doesn't sit well with their "multicultural" employees? Will it be that they don't want to be seen to contribute to employees' increased sugar intake? Will be that HR forgot this year? So many possibilities .... 

Palace of Blue Wonder 03 May 19 09:46

Citylawfirmworker, no TS response required.... It's a load of bollocks.

They've never given Easter eggs out to all their staff. People give and receive amongst themselves.

Whoever the arse is they're clearly very disgruntled..... And maybe the grass isn't so greener ??


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