A trainee has shone a light on his go-getting life at a Bristol law firm.

According to Shaun White's account of a typical day at Cook & Co posted on the firm's website, he rises early, beginning each 15 hour stint in the office with a quote from Wall Street.


And the similarities between Cook & Co staff and Gordon Gekko don't end there. As the trainee's itinerary reveals, he's already a master of the universe.

Unfortunately he's also the subject of a clinical trial, which his supervisor appears to have convinced him is vital work.

After a busy morning running matters ("trainees are treated as future associates and therefore I’m able to do some substantial work"), it's time to wow the locals.

Apparently lunch isn't for wimps after all. Then it's back on the deal rollercoaster, where White handles clients with consummate ease, aware that every battle is won before it is ever fought.

On a normal day the trainee wraps up at around 6pm, but as Cook & Co is hosting "Bristol Young Guns", a networking event, he must stay late. White's verdict is conclusive.

Most intakes have at least one 'trainee partner', but it's apparent that White is simply following his boss, who may or may not be in on the joke.

The boss is Managing Partner Charles Cook, who bills himself on something called the TV Talent Supermarket as a "charismatic, young TV lawyer". His biography, for any TV bookers reading, states that he:

  • "Qualified with international law firm, Laytons"
  • "Quickly progressed to Associate Partner"
  • "Has a keen interest in waterskiing and powerboats"
  • "Has a holiday home in Salcolmbe, Devon"
  • "Enjoys listening to a wide range of music including music from the era of the 80's"
  • "Hates eating fish and seafood"

Unsurprisingly, he lists his favourite film as Wall Street . Cook's firm profile picture reveals that, like his hero, he loves his phone. There's even a peephole for the logo. 


"You know what my dream is? It's to one day be on the other end of that phone."  

However his trainee is learning fast.


"This is the kid, calls me 59 days in a row, wants to be a player" 

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Anonymous 28 October 16 09:03

They always have to pretend everything is wonderful in these kinds of things.

I would not say "bellies". That always sounds wrong to me. Tummy? Stomach?

Anonymous 28 October 16 10:13

Mr Cook also has the "Freedom of the City of London" and was "heavily involved... in the Madness concert in 2014".

Anonymous 28 October 16 11:45

"With your own desk in our office, access to 3 board rooms and using web based technology we enable people to have the choice of where and when to work."

Right. A couple of things:

- "With your own desk in our office..." - this is a requirement not a selling point

- "...using web based technology...". Do they mean the internet? Again a requirement not exactly as USP

Anonymous 28 October 16 13:05

@anon 11:01

The type that wants part of their big bell-end watch also captured in the shot.

Anonymous 28 October 16 13:40

Nope. Although the reasons for it are inexplicable, this firm genuinely wishes to be viewed through the contrived prism of pseudo-zeitgeist smug bastardry.

Roll On Friday 28 October 16 13:51

The sad thing is, I don't think it is a spoof. It's someone who genuinely believes this sort of thing is impressive. And I am amazed the firm decided to run with it.

I actually pity him; he is a first year trainee at a small firm in Bristol. This sort of thing will stick around the internet for years to come. Not what he will want when he is looking to move on.

Anonymous 28 October 16 14:01

Anyone who knows Charles Cook knows that this is not a spoof and that people will be impressed by this article.

Anonymous 28 October 16 21:06

Am I being to lawyerly if I point out that the supervisor asked for the status of the share sale and he replied about an asset sale? Now I know that Cook & Co must be cutting a number of deals at the moment but it would be a 'try again' from me.

Anonymous 29 October 16 11:56

If you can only get a trainee contract in a Bristol firm, its probably not a good idea to tell people about it.

Roll On Friday 29 October 16 21:40

Am I being to lawyerly if I point out that the supervisor asked for the status of the share sale and he replied about an asset sale? Now I know that Cook & Co must be cutting a number of deals at the moment but it would be a 'try again' from me.


Anonymous 30 October 16 08:53

I do wonder sometimes if lawyering and trendiness are compatible. Maybe some can carry it off, but not many

Roll On Friday 31 October 16 11:41

I just cannot tell if this is serious. I think it's a mock blog in which case just excellent. And why does their property partner look like he's been electrocuted?

Anonymous 02 November 16 14:15

This is genuinely and unintentionally, hilarious. But a sad reflection on the profession and, I suspect, not at all reflective of the work undertaken at the firm

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