Northern firm DWF is looking to make redundancies following the collapse of its merger talks with Cobbetts.

The merger may have been on and off more often than a light switch, but three weeks ago the firms announced that the flirtation was over, as insiders reported that a huge number of Cobbetts partners were unhappy with the deal. But the redundancies which would inevitably have followed such a merger appear to be going ahead anyway. At least for DWF.

As befits a firm which is slightly careless with its information (RollOnFriday revealed that it was in talks with Cobbetts after DWF had registered the url, the news was broken by accident. One of the firm's lawyers was spotted on a train reading a print out of an email which gave all the details and was entitled "DWF Corporate Change". Rookie mistake...

    DWF yesterday

The firm didn't comment.

Meanwhile Cobbetts is pushing on in its search for another partner, with the local market buzzing that there'll be a wedding with Pannone in the near future. Neither the firm would comment.

And reports have just come in that Dundas & Wilson announced redundancies yesterday in Property Litigation and Corporate. Five are at risk in London and many more maybe facing the chop in Scotland. Sources in the Scottish market suggest the total number of redundancies will be 26. Staff have apparently also been told to use small envelopes and fold letters in a bid to save money.

A spokesman said “we can confirm that the firm has undertaken a preliminary assessment of the nature and level of demand for its services over the next few years. Following this review we have concluded that it will be necessary to reshape some practice areas to reflect the anticipated business needs. Regrettably, this process of realignment will likely lead to the loss of some positions.”

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Anonymous 24 February 12 12:31

Congratulations Cobbetts! Let's hope you don't get jilted at the altar this time!

Anonymous 24 February 12 15:21

Typical Dundas & Wilson. New Aberdeen office costing too much money is it board members? Got to meet the school fees somehow? I know let's pick and choose which staff to offload this time!! Why do those in the firing line keep letting them get away with these illegal redundancies.

Anonymous 24 February 12 19:31

Pannones and Cobbetts?! Don't be ridiculous. Now I did hear on the train that DWF are merging with White & Case . . . it's true!! Go on, publish and be damned!

Anonymous 25 February 12 12:49

DWF are chatting to Irwin's, already a few DWF staff members at IM looking at systems, and IM at DWF doing the same.

Pannone and Cobbetts seem a good match, a lot of similarities they could strip out a lot of costs.

Anonymous 27 February 12 19:50

Why would Irwin Mitchell go with DWF? Too many issues and big egos that just couldn’t cut a deal…

Anonymous 29 February 12 13:29

What's wrong with being asked to use a DL envelope instead of a C4 sized one? You'll have a 40% saving on postage, hardly something to be sniffed at.

There's far too much waste at law firms anyway. A bit of housekeeping won't hurt anyone (unless you're superlazy) and you may save some jobs and indeed your clients' money.

Anonymous 01 March 12 10:41

Really good housekeeping - smaller envelopes - less staff - anything to keep up the partners' profit share. How much have D&W spent on client entertainment this year so far? Days out at the 6 Nations games don't come cheap!

Anonymous 02 March 12 23:15

Opening an Aberdeen office and making redundancies a matter of weeks later? Really? On what planet did someone think this would be a good idea?! Excellent planning, communication and timing (as usual!)