RollOnFriday understands that the DLA Piper partner who referred to women as "gash" is under investigation by the SRA.

Nick West was caught out when emails he sent to Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore were leaked. In one email West complained about an in-house lawyer - "have spent all day fending Edna off my graphite shaft. She is terribly relentless isn’t she?!” In another he advised Scudamore to “save the cash in case you find some gash”.

Scudamore's PA was appalled by the exchanges. She leaked the emails to the press and West found himself hitting the headlines and had to issue a grovelling apology. But to the surprise of pretty much everyone, DLA took no action. It merely noted that it had "accepted Mr West's assurances that these emails are not reflective of his beliefs and values and that there will be no recurrence of this behaviour".

    The Archbishop of Banterbury yesterday

Insiders have told RollOnFriday that West had only escaped censure and/or the chop because he makes a ton of money for the firm and, therefore, none of his partners can touch him. The SRA has no such shackles and it will be interesting to see whether referring to women as "gash" in a work email, albeit one sent confidentially to a single recipient, is classed as appropriate behaviour for a partner at an international law firm.

Neither DLA Piper nor the SRA would comment.
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Anonymous 16 October 15 08:26

Surely this is a bit over the top? It's embarrassing but unworthy of professional discipline. Are the SRA next planning to bug offices to work out who the workplace gossips are?

Anonymous 16 October 15 09:07

I'm not so sure. SRA intervention is pretty heavy handed, but his comments were seriously offensive and sent from his work email. It's hard to have much sympathy.

LOL at the Archbishop pic.

Anonymous 16 October 15 10:55

At the very least he's creating a hostile workplace and a misogynist bullying culture. Neither of these lack seriousness and are probably just the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous 16 October 15 11:07

A work email sent confidentially to a single recipient - calm down people, no offence here.

Anonymous 16 October 15 21:02

Wonder whether his female partners appreciate his terminology? I don't think the reaction is over the top. f I were a client I'd be wondering about his judgment.

Anonymous 17 October 15 12:15

Hypothetical. Does anything think that a lawyer should be professionally disciplined for visiting a Thai massage parlour or brothel - say somebody photographed them exiting the venue. I thought this stuff was off limits, but apparently not anymore.

Roll On Friday 17 October 15 18:45

This is totally over the top. A small joke sent in a private email is worthy of comment.

What next, an SRA investigation everytime a lawyer swears? I said "bloody hell" while driving in my car the other day so by these standards I guess I deserve to be struck off.

Roll On Friday 18 October 15 11:37

We women have had enough of these male lawyers suggesting this kind of thing is really funny (yes we're rollilng in the aisles over it, not) or banter. It is every day sexism which does women down.

If Edna the in house lawyer is persistent over a legal issue then good for her. I doube she was after his penis.
Secondly he is suggesting it is normal or fine that men pay for sex. perhaps some are so ugly they cannot get it any other way but it's not appropriate. I have practised for 30 years made a lot of money and never had to write to clients in those terms in order to get or keep their work. He is way out of order and also it shows total lack of understanding. Everything we write to clients might well come out in court in disclosure some day. He has he no brain?

Anonymous 19 October 15 15:49

anonymous user 17/10/2015 11:15, was your hypothetical Thai massage parlour or brothel located on the 9th floor of DLA’s offices and was the lawyer concerned paying for the services with a DLA cheque while handing out his business card? If not then it’s not a fair comparison.

From my time working at DLA I’m not at all surprised by their attempt to sweep this incident under the carpet. Profit is king for a firm who has sacrificed its identity at the altar of corporate growth… with its moral compass seemingly also being lost in the process. When these reports first emerged all staff were reminded not to talk about this unsavoury incident with anyone outside of the firm – the corporate version of “Shhhhh, this will be our little secret…”.

Anonymous 20 October 15 13:20

Sorry, when did this incident take place?

And when did the SRA start investigating/propose to finish investigating?

Is it another case of the SRA carefully making sure the stable door is padlocked? Whether the chap deserves it or not, justice delayed is, well... you guys know the rest.

Anonymous 22 October 15 12:36

Lydia, your comment "perhaps some are so ugly they cannot get it any other way" is as misandrist and his comment was misogynistic.