The full glamour of life as a commercial solicitor was revealed this week with the news that two lawyers in DAC Beachcroft's Manchester office have been caught drinking beer in the women's loos.

Staff were first alerted to the secret toilet pub when they heard strange noises coming from an occupied cubicle. A little later they spied an associate and her male supervisor creeping out of the loos. All was revealed when a diligent security guard inspected the cubicle and found beer cans in the sanitary bin.
A DAC Beachcroft lawyer attending an important meeting yesterday

Staff on the floor have been emailed by a very sober partner warning them that if anyone else is caught drinking between nine and five, the monthly office social will be cancelled. Gulp. Oddly, RollOnFriday understands that the email didn't say anything about male members of staff choosing to spend their free time in the ladies' loos.

A spokesman for DAC Beachcroft said "Yooour ma bessss mate," took a swing and fell over declined to comment.
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Anonymous 11 April 14 15:18

Isn't drinking between 9 and 5 (billing it as perusal / research) the only way to get through a DACB working day??

Anonymous 11 April 14 17:31

So sending dodgy emails = dismissal (per RoF earlier story) but larrupped in the ladies loo might mean the monthly social is stopped?

Is that because the monthly socials are held in the lavs and these two soaks just started early???

Anonymous 11 April 14 21:29

I feel sorry for DAC staff - they can't even afford cocaine for their toilet cubicle hijinks.

Bet it was Carling. Disgusting.

Anonymous 15 April 14 14:44

So the Manchester office has a monthly social. The Leeds office never had one to begin with!!