The College of Law's much-vaunted Juris Doctor (that's the US legal qualification) course is not going to be running this year, allegedly due to low student take-up.

Sources have told RollOnFriday that the course - meant to be running for the first time in June this year - has been dropped and that students who had signed up were told that this was due to "low enrolment".

    Scenes on the JD course at the College of Law

The £12,500 course was open solely to students who have already studied the GLD and LPC/BPTC at the CoL. So they will have already handed over more than £20,000 in fees.

The CoL's website shows the course is planned to run in June 2012 (assuming they manage to dig up enough students). Here's where you sign up. Meanwhile, a JD goes to anyone who can interpret the explanation given by the CoL:

"The College of Law’s Juris Doctor programme is only open to students who have completed both the GDL and LPC/BPTC on a full-time basis at the College. We initially planned to offer the third year of the programme, the ‘US Gateway’, in 2011 for students who had already commenced or completed their studies with College.

However this proved to be difficult to manage and we weren’t able to recruit enough students to make it worthwhile running the course and bringing in the professors from Northwestern University School of Law to teach the modules.

Instead we found it was much more effective to concentrate on recruiting students for the full 3-year programme i.e. the GDL, LPC/BPTC and US Gateway, rather than offering the US Gateway as a third year top up course. We now have a range of UK and international students who began their studies with the College in 2010 with the specific aim of carrying on to complete the US Gateway, which will commence in 2012

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