The University (née College) of Law has banned students from using electronic cigarettes in exam rooms after several were spotted puffing away during assessments.

Authorities sent the following strongly-worded email to the GDL intake after University spies reported that several nicotine addicts were smoking e-cigs under exam conditions:

It's not clear whether fellow students distracted by the poison-free vapour and glowing red tips snitched on their peers, or eagle-eyed invigilators. Either way, it's back to the drawing board for the GDL's smokers.

A spokeswoman declined to comment on whether snuff, chewing tobacco and hookahs remain acceptable.
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Anonymous 07 June 13 14:40

I used to smoke electronic cigarettes; boy what a hit! I gave them up because they were too addictive!

Anonymous 09 June 13 21:23

You can smoke these on an aeroplane but not in a exam !!! get a life you bunch of sad sacks no wonders student numbers are so poor