A finance lawyer has amassed hundreds of thousands of fans on Instagram with her striking photos.

Until recently, Linda Lu worked as an associate at the London office of Pillsbury. Before her stint there, she also worked at Cadwalader and Fried Frank.

But parallel to her bluechip legal career, the solicitor has cultivated a following on Instagram where she posts about her luxury lifestyle as xlindalux. Over 332,000 people subscribe to Lu's feed and hundreds praise each of her posts, which see Lu posing in five star hotels, exotic beach resorts, cordon bleu restaurants and exclusive clubs, or unboxing designer handbags.


"How do you get ur clavicle bones so beautiful" SERIAL KILLER CLAXON

Before becoming 'Skinny Queen', as dedicated followers have dubbed her, Lu posted photos of herself at the London Legal walk and in the lobby of Slaughter and May's office. But they garnered only a few hundred 'likes'.


An early outing to Bunhill Row did middling business.

However, when she started publishing snaps of herself in cocktail dresses, swimsuits and lingerie, her following took off.


Relaxing with some abs.

Popularity has come at a price, though, with critics accusing her of touching up her photos to alarming effect. "She's pretty, but her face scares me bc it doesn't look real", wrote one commenter. When Lu posted that she wasn't looking for external validation, a follower asked if that wasn't "mutually exclusive from photoshopping IG posts?" "I don't enjoy interacting with less sophisticated people", replied Lu, "but I will excuse your less polite and not very emotionally intelligent way of telling me I look perfect".

At least her former firms have never objected to her subject matter, Lu told RollOnFriday, although she was worried initially. "When I was a trainee I closed my social media accounts down and just focused on work. But I was happier as a person when I was allowed to express myself".

And firms don't mind what she posts as long as it isn't politically incorrect, she said. "Lawyers on social media represent a risk, but it’s a trust thing - it’s earned", said Lu. "They relaxed and let me get on with it".


She should really stay on both feet as there's no mat.

Lu suggested employers' attitudes to social media were changing. "Firms and other companies are realising that if you want to attract the top talent, you need to let them have a life outside of work", she said. "Lawyers are still human."

blew through

Lu has "sailed through three Wall Street firms to date."

Her Instagram profile states simply "Finance Lawyer", and she credits her profession as one of the reasons her account took off. "I think people are interested in the fact that I am also a lawyer", she said. Despite that, her working life does not make an appearance. "I need to keep followers entertained. Putting a photo of me sitting at a desk reading documents isn’t going to attract a lot of likes".

"Instagram allows you to emphasise part of your character - it shows part of me, not all of me", she said. "I make packed lunches for work, but I don’t post that." Instead, Lu presents a diva-like persona on the platform. "If they knew behind that pretty, cute and sweet facade is a savage, aggressive and psychotic bitch...they would love me even more", she posted. "The thing about chaos", she explained in another post, "is that while it disturbs us, it too, forces our hearts to roar in a way we secretly find magnificent".


Lu, reaching for berries maybe.

Lu has not yet been paid to endorse products on her feed. She said she was joining a new firm shortly, and would need to obtain its consent. Also, "I'd only ever be interested in being associated with high quality brands".


Some of the requests she receives are...strange.

In the meantime, Lu intends to grow her following "and see what happens", while prioritising her day job. As for any other solicitors wondering if they could become law's answer to a Kardashian, Lu warned, "What works for me may not work for everyone. What my followers want to see may not be what another’s followers want".


This get-up wouldn't work for every lawyer, apparently.

For an even more glamorous solicitor, check out the Glamorous Solicitor.

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Objective view 10 June 19 16:59

1. These photos are strange; the editing is awful, unless this a parody or something similar.  2. Ms Lu probably looks rather attractive in real life. 3. Ms Lu's Instagram's captions come off as painfully arrogant and egocentric. 4. Ms Lu is probably painfully arrogant and egocentric in real life. 5. This is likely why she hasn't lasted very long at any of her firms. Presumably some colleagues took a dislike to her attitude.  I'm pretty sure there are female colleagues who were/ are jealous of Ms Lu's appearance. That's of course not a valid justification to dislike her. Although disliking someone who comes off as overly conceited and arrogant is a perfectly valid reason, whether they are attractive or not. So please stop playing that "I'm an attractive lady and that's why everyone hates me!" card. There's definitely some stunning women in the City who are incredibly successful. 

Dying at these comments 10 June 19 17:11

I trained at the same firm as Linda, so it's weird seeing her on RoF. Let's just say she's a pretty lady but certainly isn't a carbon copy of her cartoonish Instagram photos. She's slim but she definitely is not that thin in real life. Kinda stating the obvious here I suppose.

Jean-Michel Collard.. 10 June 19 17:16

To all the jealous,,immature haters,,stop bothering that beautiful and Intelligent lady,,she's living her life to the fullest and let her be,,from your part,,stop being negative gossipers and focus on making your boring lives,,more interesting..

Alex 10 June 19 17:17

We should all remember that we live together underneath the same gorgeous sun on this beautiful planet and when a gorgeous woman is liked and appreciated  just support her in being the best she can be. Linda Lu is an amazing gorgeous women with or without your opinions I bet any women that commented her is a bit jealous and every man would be lucky in her company, smarts and beauty is a very rare mix.I think she has more people that love her then haters wich says a lot😉

Boop boo 10 June 19 17:20

Linda is absolutely amazing!! She’s the best mom I can ever have. I love her so much she’s real that’s her 100%!! And if you can’t accept it then you don’t deserve her! Linda is sweet and amazing and so kind. Only god can judge us so why judge others??

Lina 10 June 19 17:28

Beautiful girl! Lovely personality not only great looks, met her many times as we have common friends.

Shaunda_mooma 10 June 19 17:38

How Can Anyone talk about her when everyone trying to look like her even get there body like hers a lot people is really jealous because they don’t have the money to do it Everyone knows shes a Barbie Doll Literally She Has A Body Everyone Trying To Get I Love It She Beautiful She’s A Model Why Is Everyone Hating On Her All the False Rumors Please stop Hating On Her Thanks Have A bless Day !

Angus 10 June 19 18:21

I used to hang out with Linda and can honestly say she's one of the most beautiful women I've met. The amount of hate she's getting here is bizarre. She's not hurting anyone don't see why you all feel the need to put her down

3DUX 10 June 19 18:57

This has got to be the most hilarious comments thread since Legal Alien got caught having butt sex with his supervisor’s guinea pig. I’m dying here

A follower 10 June 19 19:06

Great to see Linda has keen followers like myself. But wait a minute, do they follow her every step she moves, a bit like stalkers. Is it admiration or obsession...

Diversity Investment 10 June 19 19:13

Linda is a great person. What Linda does outside her professional working life as a finance lawyer should not concern anyone as it’s not breaking any employment agreements.    Linda has a great personality and is always willing to help and support people in any way she can. She is young and intelligent and beautiful and is  very successful at a young age through her hard work and determination.  This article clearly only sees one side and does not take the full story including hard work, dedication and amazing person that Linda is. I wish her more success in the future!

Just FYI 10 June 19 19:20

For those saying Linda doesn't photoshop herself, all you have to do is watch her Instagram Highlights (saved insta stories) - she has a large surgical scar or something on her abs, which is mysteriously missing from her bikini photos. No shame in having scars, but it's 100% wrong to claim she doesn't photoshop when all of a sudden something obvious and large is just missing. Her body and face look entirely different in videos vs still photos. She photoshops, just own it.

Lina 10 June 19 19:25

Linda is a great person in life!!  what people can do is only to judge others because they don’t have enough confidence in themselves 

Kate 10 June 19 19:40

You know, this world would be a much nicer place to live in if we all were respectful of one another. No one has to be friends, you don’t have to agree with each other but being respectful is just manners. I really pity those that take pleasure in slating an individual; but to be honest...it’s just a reflection of your own personality and unhappiness if that is what you choose to do. Karma will definitely come back to bite you in one way or another. Why do you care? What are you gaining from being so negative? What if this was your daughter? How do you sleep at night making such hurtful remarks? None of us like harbouring resentment - it’s horrible and a waste of energy.  If you don’t like the programme you are watching on tv then change the channel.  Secret stalking an individual you love but hate won’t help you get over your insecurities.  You will also sleep better at night if you choose to let go and move on.  Just let people live how they choose and stop judging.             

WantingToBeTheNextInstaWizz 10 June 19 19:52

I fail to see the relevance of the negative aspects of this article? Also surely the double life here is positive? High flying high paid law career + potential income from ‘second life’ = very successful career surely? Most places are celebrating successful females but we have the opposite way here...

LegallyBlond 10 June 19 19:57

l have mutual friends with Linda. she is the nicest person I know of. She is very capable lady, intelligent and kind. Wish all the best for her. All the years' hard work she put into her studies and work. she is the best!

Nonameeee 10 June 19 20:43

The envy of the people shows how unhappy they are and how attentively they pay attention to other actions and mistakes, how bored they are. People always have something to report. you can not make it for anyone and nobody. Live and let live! I like you and your beautiful smile! stay like you are and shit on negative people ....  

Nonameeeee 10 June 19 20:48

The envy of the people shows how unhappy they are and how attentively they pay attention to other actions and mistakes, how bored they are. People always have something to report. you can not make it for anyone and nobody. Live and let live! I like you and your beautiful smile! stay like you are and shit on negative people .... kiss 

Daniele 10 June 19 21:03

Just leave her alone guys. She’s living her best life and is HAPPY. So what if she photoshops her photos and you guys think it’s really poorly done, SHE likes them and is happy enough with them to post so that’s all that matters because it’s her account. 

Sancho 10 June 19 21:15

The clickbait title of this article is misleading. Leading a double life usually refers to someone lying consistently over a long period of time  and thus hurting loved ones who dont know. Lu is open about her law career and love for travel and photo shoots. Sure it might be a lot of editing and too much for some people. But that's her decision

Lolhaters 10 June 19 22:10

The haters are beginning to sound like a broken record lol...you will disparage everything about Linda, even the way she breathes. We get it you are jealous of her looks, personality, talent, success etc - what are you still doing here then? Go away and work on yourselves. Surely your fingers will break soon from the amount of hateful comments you’ve written🤣 which no one cares about may I add...everyone thinks you are just a sad bunch who has no lives.

Great lawyer 10 June 19 22:14

Can I point out that despite the excessive criticisms and comments on Linda’s looks, weight (and attitude?!) which are obviously driven by jealousy...no one can say / has said anything bad about her talents as a top lawyer. 

Beepboop 10 June 19 23:25

@ Just FYI Yes I’ve noticed the large marking too. Wonder what the story behind that is. I think it must be a surgery scar or an something from an accident. Nothing wrong with photoshopping it but it’s clear she photoshops like crazy! I’m talking about the weird jaw, lips and crazy limbs. 

OneSol 10 June 19 23:32

The comments on this article are insane. As an ex-colleague of Linda’s I can assure you she is a beautiful person on the inside and out. Linda is intelligent & hard working but above all else is kind, generous and perhaps her best asset - she is a mastermind in seeing through bullshit. The Keyboard warriors spending their precious time on this planet, sending abuse to another person (about their pictures on social media) is hysterical, her credentials & friends speak for them self (as do yours!!!) 👀🥰 

If you wanna see a video... 10 June 19 23:33

Someone mentioned Linda Lu’s modelling days. Here’s some videos of her from 2012: https://youtu.be/_E9yKiPRLEk and https://youtu.be/xUuY3crJs6w. Seems pretty down to Earth as well, but I suppose a lot can change in 7 years.    Arguably an attractive women but shows you the extent of her photoshop. Face shape, facial features and body is completely different. 

Anonymous 10 June 19 23:35

@Just FYI: looks like a large birthmark on her stomach. Presumably photoshops it or puts makeup on top. Totally understandable imo. 

Photoshop Pro 10 June 19 23:36

Who doesn’t photoshop these days? You hate Linda because she photoshops? Why do you care if someone uses photoshop? And why do you care if she has a scar or not on her body? It’s creepy you’d publicly admit you’ve been scrutinizing her this much...Or do you hate her because you know she’s beautiful smart and successful whether she uses photoshop or not, and you happen to be none of those things...

Lmao 10 June 19 23:37

Hilarious only the same haters repeatedly commenting and liking each other’s posts. Are you all sitting together in your office talking about how much you wish you were Linda 🤣

Simon Fong 11 June 19 00:19

We’re all entitled to post whatever we wish on our own Instagram account, so long that it doesn’t affect anyone negatively.  I have met Linda recently in London for diner  and she is one of the beautiful person I know, both inside and outside.

Ermmmm 11 June 19 03:15

Funny how Linda perceives any criticism, even about her clearly crappy photoediting skills, as “jealousy” or “low emotional intelligence” from “keyboard warriors”.  Have you read your own captions?! Cringingly egocentric!!!

LegallyBlond 11 June 19 07:44

@anoymous 09 June 19 12:22 great to hear some cofession of experiences ! i hope u had proper taste to select proper valentine cards for userself😭

LegallyBlond 11 June 19 08:02

@anonymous 07 June 19 14:13 Thanks for addressing Linda's track record of extreme adaptability which you are lacking. Some wisdom saying for you: by increasing the density of your life you are prolonging your limited life!

LegallyBlond 11 June 19 08:22

We legal people are perceived as intelligent. But it seems so many of us think our intelligence can only be carried by ugly or average-looking people, because so many here are slating the combination of "beauty and finance lawyer" obviously saying it's rare species...if we all work on improving ourselves we might improve people's perception of the whole industry for the better. What is the rare thing people call "constant continous improvement" to please our clients so they don't call us "the incompetent thwarts"?hmmm...

Neil Sanghani 11 June 19 09:03

I have known Linda for many years. She is an honest, sincere, dedicated and hard working. She is also a very attractive woman and many people are very envious of her good looks and her success and can only ever dream of being as good looking as her. I say to these people stop trolling and get a life! They are bunch of losers!

LegallyBlond 11 June 19 09:04

Linda is a trained lawyer, just like us. To put her down is like putting us down. We should encourage her to be the better of us all, she has got the brain and the look we wish for. Positive energy uplifts all of us from doom and gloom. So cheerful to find a real gem amongst us. When we can't be like her be grateful we have her who is at least trying to better and best herself. If we all get busy to at least trying to be our best, imagine what our clients will say and that's what matters. Time to get down to business now. God bless us all

HahahaHatere 11 June 19 10:05

When you clearly can’t fault Linda’s abilities as a lawyer and that she’s obviously naturally beautiful, you sentence her to death for retouching pictures (which everyone does) and for having a birthmark?? LMAO. 

Officebullying 11 June 19 10:24

If this is how a talented attractive female young lawyer is spoken to / treated by her colleagues at Pillsbury, being called “anorexic” “skinny” “alien” “monster” for merely being good looking and confident and happy, Pillsbury can expect to hire no talent in the future, who would want to work with a bunch of sad morons...

WhoYouKidding 11 June 19 10:30

No one ever bothers telling someone they have bad hair, you only tell them you hate their hair if they have good hair and you are envious of it. Whatever the things are which you say you hate about Linda, are precisely the things you love and wish you had. Sounds like you love everything about her😉

Anonymous 11 June 19 11:16

OK Linda, time to stop with all the commenting above under different names: you're the only one keeping this story (and I use that word loosely) alive at this stage. We accept it all as you have said it: you're very naturally attractive, the photo-shopping is tasteful, restrained and elegant, all negative or sceptical commentary is rooted solely in jealousy, we're all "morons" and "losers", none of us have ever worked for as good law firms or studied at the "best educational institutions in the world" like you have, you're "exceptionally intelligent" and you are indeed a "top" (but still quite junior associate) lawyer.  

TheTruth 11 June 19 11:16

I’m going to be objective and point out the obvious:  the majority of haters here are ex-colleagues of Linda, who are clearly jealous of her looks, talents and success, who therefore are desperately trying to find faults about Linda to bring her down. Having failed to fault her work / looks / personality, they turn to her social media account. These haters happen to be clueless about Instagram / modelling / marketing, they don’t realise Linda is doing exactly what it takes to establish a powerful brand on Instagram, be it retouching, writing bold captions, etc to gain a large following. She has gained millions of views and is a huge success on the social media platform. However this has attracted more jealousy as the haters view Linda as someone who is great at everything. Their insecurities are triggered which lead to their rather desperate attempts of trolling, criticizing Linda as being “strange”, “egocentric”, having “attitude”, calling her “alien” and “monster” - which are really very embarrassing / immature behaviour for grown up professionals...People intelligent enough already understands Linda is exaggerating / creating a persona that works very well on Instagram. She’s happy/comfortable in her own skin and is loved by many online and in real life :) 

Getalife 11 June 19 11:40

Linda is obviously doing something great to stir up those pathetic jealousy emotions in your sad heads...we all know you hate her because you either can’t be her or be with her! Stop hating and get a life.

MG 11 June 19 12:10

I can personally vouch for Linda and say that she is 100% an authentic individual. She has a stunning personality and a heart of gold. Her good looks don’t hurt either, however,  she is most importantly a very talented and educated lawyer, an asset to whichever firm she is working at. I cannot help but laugh at the state of her Ex colleagues. Their jealousy riddled  hate has no true reflection on Linda. Don’t be fooled by the imbeciles that hide anonymously behind computer screens trying to give themselves a confident boost because they can’t deliver the immaculate results Ms. Lu has within her legal career whilst balancing an extremely sought after lifestyle.   Quite frankly I pity the haters.   

Bobby 11 June 19 13:17

Looking at these comments, amaze me how immature some of you can be. She is a gorgeous woman, hard working and down to earth! Being a financial lawyer doesn’t mean you still cant be modelling or having a private life! I dont really know why you lot judging in the first place.. grow up guys and I wish her all the best!  

Bobby 11 June 19 13:23

Looking at these comments, amaze me how immature some of you can be. She is a gorgeous woman and I mean not just on instagram, hard working and down to earth! Being a financial lawyer doesn’t mean you still cant be modelling or having a private life! I dont really know why you lot judging in the first place.. grow up guys and I wish her all the best! 

Wtf 11 June 19 15:04

When you are beautiful they call you plastic / fake. When you are confident they call you egocentric. When you you are happy they call you strange. When you have a personality they say you have an attitude. When you are a size 4 they call you anorexic. When you photoshop they call it Microsoft Paint. When you are human they call you alien. When you get headhunted they say you can’t keep a job. When you are a great writer they say you can’t spell. When you are a successful lawyer they say you are still a junior though. When your friends and family show support they say we know it was all you though.  The worst managed office / most toxic office environment award goes to ... 😂

Anonymous 11 June 19 16:36

All these awful hate comments are just unnecessary and rude and are clearly from a place of jealousy. Linda is not only a gorgeous girl but also has the best personality and is love by all her friends.

Won't Argue Online 11 June 19 18:34

Linda, I was thrilled to see an article acknowledging your hard work, both with your career and personal life. I've been a fan of watching your development since we first met a decade ago. Law takes a lot of dedication, just to be mediocre; and you're clearly a cut above. Living an ample personal life full of style and glamour, when most days you probably feel like staying in and eating take-out in your sweats, is just more evidence of your hard work and determination. You're successful, intelligent, and gorgeous; I'm proud to have you as a friend. 

Wow 11 June 19 21:49

Can you believe the length Linda’s former colleges went to to disparage her publicly...when she’s done nothing but enjoying her life (this was before they even discovered her Instagram - they are obvs more jealous now that she’s also thriving on social media and have been getting lots of attention from the press) and doing a good job at work. Instead of admitting they are extremely sad and jealous, they ganged up on her, as seen from the earlier comments, calling her a strange girl, weird, bizarre creature, insecure (yet upherself?), alien, monster, anorexic, claiming she’s hated by everyone/every former colleague/every former firm (which makes it ok to hate her too does it?), suggesting she has no friends, only fake followers/commentators, buys comments and writes comments herself, sends herself valentine cards (lmao not when you have a massive queue of admirers), can’t keep a job, left her firm a year early (this I thought was one of the most viscous comments/lies that could potentially severely damage Linda’s career/reputation - surely firms can easily check references to find out when she actually left - would be no need for Linda to lie in an industry publication about a fact that can be so easily verified don’t you think?)...All these awful things to make her look like the problem as if she deserved the hate / they had a right to hate. The haters can’t fault Linda at all, so they have to make up lies - hence why their remarks were all made anonymously, otherwise these haters can be identified and then they would be facing serious legal sanctions. I’m sure most people on the receiving end of these disgusting comments would seriously stress out, develop health problems or worse, self harm (it seems this would please the haters a lot which is just sick). Luckily we can see that Linda is unaffected as she chose to rise above / ignore the haters. Just because Linda is tough enough to endure the unfair/unnecessary hate, does not make this kind of behaviour acceptable. We would not want our family/sisters/daughters to go through the same would we?! Frankly the haters should feel ashamed of themselves, I truly deeply feel sorry for them. Whoever is encouraging others to also hate on Linda should do some serious self reflections on their own issues and try to find peace within - I can’t imagine how miserable they must feel deep down. I also really don’t know how they can sleep at night having done such viscous things to another.

Adam 11 June 19 22:20

The fact you’re all choosing to bully this beautiful person says a lot about you as a person and a lot about your character. Regardless if she’s photoshopped her photos or not, what harm is it doing to any of you? I happen to know her personally, and she’s such a genuine kind hearted person. All of you that are choosing to write negative things are really just covering up your own insecurities. Grow up and let her live her life her own way. 

PatheticAF 11 June 19 23:53

Look at the haters still relentlessly giving thumbs down to all the nice comments, which are supporting Linda but are also encouraging the sad ones to be more positive / normal. Haters still choosing to hate. Continue to waste your life away then 🤣. Absolutely hopeless 🙄.

I just wasted 30 minutes of my life reading 12 June 19 04:52

I can only say ! Our life is nothing but perceptions ... here is an otherwise pretty girl! Obsessed with social media to the point of body dysmorphic disorder ... kind of sad if you ask me  But this is the world we live in, where as soon as I hit this done bottom she will send a comment justifying and attacking.  as a social experiment,  reading this comment thread has been eye opening 

Lolol 12 June 19 07:45

Most of us are pointing out exactly how much of a waste of time it is to maliciously disparage a young female enjoying her life and thriving in her career. You are entitled to your opinion. The problem here is such negative opinion / perception mixed with untrue statements were deliberately expressed to put someone down who had done nothing to you.  Are you even aware that your pathetic actions are driven by your uncontrollable jealousy and low emotional intelligence? It’s just very sad to see the hater so relentlessly going to great length to try and create a bad public perception of Linda, potentially damaging her legal career she’s worked so hard for - we should be protecting and celebrating a great legal talent like her!! She’s an inspiration to many young people looking up to her while looking down at you sad haters/grown ups acting like children. Despite the great support her friends and family have shown here, you are still denying the fact that lots of people genuinely love Linda for who she is because she is a beautiful person on the inside and on the outside. I am literally speechless. 

LegallyBlond 12 June 19 08:03

Comments from those petty-minds are nothing but manures for Linda, the beautiful rose, just boost her flowering better (P.S.can that somebody please ABC check "flowering" and encyclopedia check "manure"...LOL)

A Friend 12 June 19 09:21

I am a friend of Linda’s and have worked with her in the past. I think the comments here are unfair but at the same time not surprising that she gets a lot of hate. On a personal level she is genuinely a nice person, a supportive friend and always there in times of need. Professionally I have worked with her and there is no doubt that she is good at her job. She has worked at some great law firms and they are not jobs you can just walk into. Unfortunately, the hate she is getting here is part of her life and while it is unwarranted and unfair she is someone who doesn’t care about it at all. I am sure a lot of the comments are from former co-workers who I understand allegedly made her life very difficult. At the end of the day, a job is a job and she is a very good solicitor. However, this does not define her. Neither does her social media presence. Yes she has a lot of followers, and yes she isn’t shy about sharing her social life and yes, maybe she photoshops a little like every other person in the public eye (and every law firm who post pictures of their solicitors). However I struggle to understand the issue here other than there is a lot of jealously from people who take pleasure in belittling people they will never meet and who are living a life they are not happy in. If the alternative is working until midnight and then going home  for a few hours sleep and kissing ass in the hope of partnership one day then I know which position I would rather be in. Before anyone asks, I did ask Linda if I could post this and she said it wasn’t necessary but appreciated me doing so.

Hung Goat 12 June 19 09:36

A lot of comments here from lawyers who spend large parts of their weeks commuting to jobs they don't enjoy, working around the clock for clients who don't respect them, playing politics for a promotion they don't want, spending their days with people they don't like before returning to a house they can barely afford to spend an hour with a partner they aren't even attracted to anymore. 

At the end of the day, before criticising someone who is not hurting anyone and who is simply enjoying her life maybe some of you should look at yourselves in the mirror and ask if your lives are perfect enough to give them the right to criticise....of course you won't- the majority of people criticising simply mock to make themselves feel better about their own shallow existence. 

a follower 12 June 19 11:40

wow! look at the street dogs sniffing around...why the hassle...we get told of Linda's stories of life sitting around her dinner table sniffing and sipping our favourite drinks...lazily...oh, you didn't get the limited editions of invitation card, haha, or maybe you are on the rejection list bounced off at the gate...hehehe. There are just a few rejects out there you know...dig deeper and try harder

Justsaying 12 June 19 12:16

Don’t we all have different taste in what looks good and what doesn’t? Why do you think ppl care about your preference? Shame some people don’t have manners. Did your parents not teach you it is not ok to tell someone you don’t like the way they look or how their pics look?! When you say something like that it only makes you ugly stupid and spiteful, and incredibly rude, it doesn’t make the person you are trying to put down look bad, they are already above you. Would you dare show a pic of your face before you criticize someone else’s looks - didn’t think so, because we all know which one people will be laughing at haha.

A follower 12 June 19 12:52

Impressed by comments on Linda's "weird" writing! Great! According to you, Linda lost her English writing to you. Round two starts right here! Now, your turn to write in her language! She is bilingual but no pressure on you! The clock is ticking...

Interviewer 12 June 19 13:30

I feel sorry for her.  Content creation for instagrammers is hard work and exhausting and shouldn't be confused with actually having fun.  The fact that these people feel the need to spend their time in restaurants or while on holiday posing for the perfect insta photo instead of just enjoying themselves is actually a worrying mental health trend.  Why such a need for validation by strangers?  I think it also affects the way these instagrammers behave in real life - having met her in a professional context, Linda's presentation in person is rather 'odd'. https://nypost.com/2018/10/24/social-media-stars-we-have-millions-of-followers-but-no-friends/  

Look and cheer you on 12 June 19 14:17

Don't know if bilingual is a true talent, is it? Compare with those who are not, it should be a talent? After all the City is suppose to be the elite centre for multrationals, right? Thumb up then and she got my vote!

Whatever 12 June 19 15:46

@SoJeal 09 June 19 17:11 Typical, "chubby white male" envious of "vertical abs" dreaming of photshopping that "horizontal lump of meat" and hoping a better job could be done!  Mouthing Linda here won't rid of the wobbly white meat of yours, will it?

AnonymousOne 12 June 19 16:00

@lnterviewer 12 June 19 13:30 There you said it. why should Linda seek validation from a stranger like you, professionally or personally! Modeled with Linda for many years, never knew a girl like her seek validation from a stranger like you, that would be totally odd!

Interviewer 12 June 19 16:09

@AnonymousOne 16:00 Genuine question- if Linda is not seeking validation from strangers, why would she post pictures publicly? Surely on a US law firm salary she doesn't need the money.

Magnifier 12 June 19 16:13

@Anonymous 12 June 19 14:25 Correct, no need to dig. If you are lucky to be in Linda's circle, you know she is an open book but only the close ones get to read and enjoy the reading every time!

AnonymousOne 12 June 19 16:21

@Interviewer 12 June 19 16:09 I sense the envy and hate in you, so strong! It's a free democratic society, generation Z can do whatever pleases them, not breaking any law. To stir up people like yourself is really the funny part! You can do the same you know, as long as people want to follow you like us lot loyally follow Linda for years, we are her real friends, but not yours.

Interviewer 12 June 19 16:38

@AnonymousOne I'm not sure how you sense envy and hate from what I typed when I (yes, as a person of an older generation) am genuinely trying to understand.  Neither am I stirred up - just curious.  In the resorts/restaurants in Linda's pictures she always appears to be alone, even on her birthday in Mauritius.  So I wonder, in that sense, how are followers her "real friends"?   I'm sure you will call me jealous, but I have actually been to that very resort in Mauritius and many of the other places Linda features in her photos, but I did so with a partner or friends and felt no need to advertise that to the world - I was enjoying sharing time with people I love.  I am genuinely concerned that your generation is making these fleeting/surface connections online, based on what is necessarily a curated image of yourself, and forgetting how to relate to other people (and even to your 'real self') in day to day life. If Linda is doing this for the money so that she can leave law, then I can completely understand and respect that decision.  But from what you and others say that doesn't seem to be the case.

Interviewer 12 June 19 16:38 12 June 19 17:29

@Interviewer 12 June 19 16:38 Here we go, we got it. We do what we like and you do what you like. We are all different with our own likes and dislikes. There is no right or wrong here. Carry on do what you like and stop forcing your likes to others who might dislike what you like? Is it that hard to understand ? People enjoy things in many different ways says who your way is the only highway! Enjoy your companies whoever they are. Us lot don't care about you and you are still a stranger.

obsessed 12 June 19 18:47

Is interviewer the only one left still trying to find flaws in Linda now haha (dying to know who s/he is - I think we can all guess, who hates Linda the most out of all her ex-colleagues). Let’s see so now you want people to think Linda has no friends (clearly untrue judging by the love and support her friends and family have shown), she’s lonely (I think she spent a month celebrating her birthday very recently with various ppl and is maybe still celebrating it), she is leaving law (definitely not - perhaps that’s what you want her to do because she’s a better lawyer and is showing you off?!), she’s seeking validation (she doesn’t need to when there’s people like you voluntarily overwhelming her with your obsession all day everyday lol). It is actually a little creepy how obsessed you are over Linda and how desperately you are trying to encourage other ppl to dislike her, oops I mean HATE her - clearly you hate yourself very much and you are the one with no friends or life to live, sitting at your desk on your own, hence the constant keyboard warrioring. I fail to understand why it matters to you so much whether Linda is liked by others or not - are you comparing yourself to her and feeling inadequate and therefore need someone to tell you she’s not all that? Unfortunately she is all that - you should stop trying to measure up to her and focus on working on your quite obviously “not good enough” (I quote as I expect that’s how you truly feel) self so you may eventually stop feeling “not good enough” one day. Your attempts to bring Linda down is failing very badly - they are only making you look more pathetic if anything. 

LegallyBlond 12 June 19 18:48

Bump into the gorgeous Linda on her way to her training centre ! Plenty of people in the City, just like Linda working on those "vertical abs". The bitter and sorry couch potatoes are missing out big time

Havesomefun 12 June 19 19:00

@Interviewer (aka Linda’s no1 fan) - Linda is having fun in real life and online, whether on her own or in other ppl’s company. You should too. Life is too short to harbour so much negativity and hatred for yourself. Chill out, lighten up and move away from your keyboard...

VerticalAbs 12 June 19 19:03

Whoever finds “vertical abs” surprising clearly has no abs on themselves or have seen abs on their partners...familiarise yourselves with Abs pls people you are missing out lmao.

loveyourself 12 June 19 19:12

Studies have shown someone like the Interviewer who feels the need to be accompanied by another all the time is more insecure than those who are happy to be spending time on their own. You should try travel solo some time - it’s character building and it really takes a lot of bravery to do. Independence is not meant for the weak. Maybe that explains why you have such low self esteem and no confidence...you haven’t taken the time to get to know yourself to feel completely comfortable in your own skin and at ease with yourself. I would encourage people (especially young people) to travel on their own and truly experience different parts of the world and absorb various cultures - you would come out a better stronger person! 

Interviewer 12 June 19 20:17

Thanks for all the enlightening replies.  I'm afraid that I am not obsessed with Linda, I came across this thread rather late in the day because a colleague told me about it.  He had remembered Linda as a candidate we interviewed some time ago.  I am not an ex-colleague of Linda's since she never came to work at my firm but, having met her, I was interested to see this other part of her life.  This thread has offered me an interesting insight into Generation Z!

Look closely 12 June 19 21:15

So you assume Linda is lonely and no friends nor family, because you only see her in the pictures and you think you got a chance to gang up on her! Alone is not lonely and amongst big crowds, lonely souls are still bitter, miserable, hateful. I guess, the big crowd is around her but not for her

HatersAreSoDumb 12 June 19 21:25

Linda’s haters be like ... “I don’t understand why she’s beautiful ... I don’t understand why people love her ... I don’t understand why she’s always having fun ... I don’t understand why she’s such a good lawyer ... I don’t understand why she has so many followers on Instagram ... I don’t understand why she’s so slim ... I don’t understand why she’s so funny ... I don’t understand why I’m not her ... I don’t understand why I hate her ... I don’t understand why people think I’m pathetic ... I’m genuinely just trying to understand!!!” 😐

Escaped 13 June 19 10:43

HOly shit I've just looked at those photos from a computer rather than phone and they are hilariously badly photoshopped.

Obviously any minor data analytics will tell you that of 300k+ followers, the engagement levels of sub 4%, and at relatively consistent level of engagement (7.5k - 12k per post) positively SCREAMS bot followers, as does the fact th majority of the accounts which have interacted with hers (likes) have made no or very few posts themselves. On account of not being real. But you knew that.

Lmaooo 13 June 19 10:46

@Interviewer 12 June 19 20:17 - you know we know who you are hahaha. Has HR finally had a word with you and told you to stop publicly embarrass yourself and the firm? Really hope so for your own sake. Don’t drag other firms into this. You are making good lawyers and the wider legal industry look bad due to your own insecurities and your selfish personal dislike towards Linda. There’s only a small group of obsessive jealous toxic haters who seriously need to let go and move on. Most people are too busy living their lives to care about leaving a comment in the first place, neither will they be bothered about tarnishing Linda’s image in the public eye. Judging by the number of comments you’ve left you’ve already disclosed your identity. I guess being not so self aware you probably expect others to be just as unaware...Truth is we are all very aware! I sincerely hope you can get yourself together and do something useful with your time.

CreepyStalker 13 June 19 11:46

@Escaped 13 June 19 10:43 - Another creepy stalker spending his/her entire time analysing everything about Linda. You really don’t have a life or anything else to do do you? Sounds like Linda is the only interesting thing that’s keeping you alive. Bet you even know at what hour at what minute she was born since you are such a fan! She still has more followers than you though. She is also still better looking than you even on her worst days though. But you knew that ;) 

A moment of truth 13 June 19 12:19

We are intelligent people and we all know this: Linda's success is not your failure. Linda's "failures" Can not boost your successes, if there is any. For the sake of the industry we are in, isn't it better off for everyone to be successful or associated with respectable and successful people, regardless if that person is a she or he? And the "older people" would lend their shoulders to uplift those of "tomorrow's giants" in our mighty Law Industry. Of course this is too much to expect of a few inlcuding You. Linda is our precious friend and she has always been brainy and gorgeous! We will always love and follow her! hahaha!

Siegfreid 13 June 19 12:30

There is an on-going Ebola outbreak in central Africa.   You utter, utter drones the lot of you.

May God save us 13 June 19 13:32

so we booked the "interviewer" an MOT check, focusing on "fit for purpose " and "roadworthiness". Seriously, this Iaughing stock is our leadership material? Are we counting on such older staff to nuture Law's future backbones when she/he is clearly riddled with disapproval and resentments! Please help us, we see an obsessive, psychotic, serial interviewer who refuses to let go of the interviewee! the hateful vengence continues here! 

Inspired 13 June 19 14:04

Dear Mssrs Look Closely, HatersaresoDumb and Lmaooo et al.  Your discussions bring to my mind the fever dream of Dostoevsky's greatest and most complex hero.  Please forgive his use of male pronouns but sadly dear Fyodor shuffled off this mortal coil before he could appreciate the full glory of our enlightened modern word.  His dream however seems strangely prescient, as if he were almost himself a protoypical user of the 'Gram: "Some new sorts of microbes were attacking the bodies of men, but these microbes were endowed with intelligence and will. Men attacked by them became at once mad and furious. But never had men considered themselves so intellectual and so completely in possession of the truth as these sufferers, never had they considered their decisions, their scientific conclusions, their moral convictions so infallible. Whole villages, whole towns and peoples went mad from the infection. All were excited and did not understand one another. Each thought that he alone had the truth and was wretched looking at the others, beat himself on the breast, wept, and wrung his hands. They did not know how to judge and could not agree what to consider evil and what good; they did not know whom to blame, whom to justify."

Anonymous 13 June 19 14:40

@Siegfreid 13 June 19 12:30  There is an on-going humanitarian crisis in Yemen.   You utter, utter drone for ignoring that

martyr 13 June 19 15:43

l worked with Linda briefly. She is such a polite respectful and respectable girl! We guys are grateful here as she attracts the venom away from us, Thank you, so we can breathe a little. 

McAvoy 13 June 19 16:02

London's is suppose to be warmer ! we can feel the bone-cutting chill up in Scotland! whats going on 

shh 13 June 19 16:56

@martyr 13 June 19 15:43 We still work here tho and we should be the ones to get his/her attention and care

martyr 13 June 19 17:16

@shh 13 June 19 16:56 you kidding, right? professionally that's disasterous leadership quality. personally she/he is incapable of Caring  and unwilling to care the team!

Mr. Kipling's Leg End 13 June 19 21:19

People are fighting a dumpster fire over here whilst the whole house is on fire over at https://www.rollonfriday.com/discussion/instagram-lawyer-bird-news-section

Dani 13 June 19 21:23

can't help wondering why anyone would embark on a mission to drive someone away from Law, who gains what? who loses what? just don't understand the world any longer. 

Bilbo 13 June 19 23:48

what I don’t get about this comments thread is how the authors of comments on both sides of the debate about Linda are totally inarticulate. It’s difficult to believe that any of these people work in the legal industry.