A finance lawyer has amassed hundreds of thousands of fans on Instagram with her striking photos.

Until recently, Linda Lu worked as an associate at the London office of Pillsbury. Before her stint there, she also worked at Cadwalader and Fried Frank.

But parallel to her bluechip legal career, the solicitor has cultivated a following on Instagram where she posts about her luxury lifestyle as xlindalux. Over 332,000 people subscribe to Lu's feed and hundreds praise each of her posts, which see Lu posing in five star hotels, exotic beach resorts, cordon bleu restaurants and exclusive clubs, or unboxing designer handbags.


"How do you get ur clavicle bones so beautiful" SERIAL KILLER CLAXON

Before becoming 'Skinny Queen', as dedicated followers have dubbed her, Lu posted photos of herself at the London Legal walk and in the lobby of Slaughter and May's office. But they garnered only a few hundred 'likes'.


An early outing to Bunhill Row did middling business.

However, when she started publishing snaps of herself in cocktail dresses, swimsuits and lingerie, her following took off.


Relaxing with some abs.

Popularity has come at a price, though, with critics accusing her of touching up her photos to alarming effect. "She's pretty, but her face scares me bc it doesn't look real", wrote one commenter. When Lu posted that she wasn't looking for external validation, a follower asked if that wasn't "mutually exclusive from photoshopping IG posts?" "I don't enjoy interacting with less sophisticated people", replied Lu, "but I will excuse your less polite and not very emotionally intelligent way of telling me I look perfect".

At least her former firms have never objected to her subject matter, Lu told RollOnFriday, although she was worried initially. "When I was a trainee I closed my social media accounts down and just focused on work. But I was happier as a person when I was allowed to express myself".

And firms don't mind what she posts as long as it isn't politically incorrect, she said. "Lawyers on social media represent a risk, but it’s a trust thing - it’s earned", said Lu. "They relaxed and let me get on with it".


She should really stay on both feet as there's no mat.

Lu suggested employers' attitudes to social media were changing. "Firms and other companies are realising that if you want to attract the top talent, you need to let them have a life outside of work", she said. "Lawyers are still human."

blew through

Lu has "sailed through three Wall Street firms to date."

Her Instagram profile states simply "Finance Lawyer", and she credits her profession as one of the reasons her account took off. "I think people are interested in the fact that I am also a lawyer", she said. Despite that, her working life does not make an appearance. "I need to keep followers entertained. Putting a photo of me sitting at a desk reading documents isn’t going to attract a lot of likes".

"Instagram allows you to emphasise part of your character - it shows part of me, not all of me", she said. "I make packed lunches for work, but I don’t post that." Instead, Lu presents a diva-like persona on the platform. "If they knew behind that pretty, cute and sweet facade is a savage, aggressive and psychotic bitch...they would love me even more", she posted. "The thing about chaos", she explained in another post, "is that while it disturbs us, it too, forces our hearts to roar in a way we secretly find magnificent".


Lu, reaching for berries maybe.

Lu has not yet been paid to endorse products on her feed. She said she was joining a new firm shortly, and would need to obtain its consent. Also, "I'd only ever be interested in being associated with high quality brands".


Some of the requests she receives are...strange.

In the meantime, Lu intends to grow her following "and see what happens", while prioritising her day job. As for any other solicitors wondering if they could become law's answer to a Kardashian, Lu warned, "What works for me may not work for everyone. What my followers want to see may not be what another’s followers want".


This get-up wouldn't work for every lawyer, apparently.

For an even more glamorous solicitor, check out the Glamorous Solicitor.

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Curious Chaz 07 June 19 08:11

Did anyone actually look at her IG feed though? I think it's some kind of AI-driven animation project - some of the pictures look so heavily augmented and shopped, with filters and added colours, that it's almost like oil paintings. 

Anonymous 07 June 19 08:25

Very good looking woman but not convinced in the flesh she would look anywhere near her photos.

Basic B 07 June 19 08:34

One of her Instagram posts says she has ‘sailed through three Wall Street films to date’. Is lasting a year or so at a US shop no one has heard of something to boast about? Puzzling. Still, good luck to her at the fourth!

Sumoking 07 June 19 08:34

You wanna get the RAF to fly her in a couple bags of rice meant for Darfur, that girl is clearly starving! (unless she can very efficiently metabolise silicone I suppose)

Woman who ruined the Spanish Jesus picture 07 June 19 08:50

I hope she knows she’s way prettier without the digital slap. 

Anonymous 07 June 19 08:55

Anon 08:25 do you mean "very good looking cartoon"? If Jessica Rabbit was anorexic this is exactly what she'd look like. I honestly don't think I could put together a better example of clumsy PhotoShop if I tried. 

ShootyMcShootyface 07 June 19 08:55

Can we club together to get her a copy of Photoshop and some lessons in using it, so she can move away from MS Paint?

Anonymous 07 June 19 09:01

"Anonymous 07 June 19 08:25 Very good looking woman but not convinced in the flesh she would look anywhere near her photos." She'd look a lot better I expect.

MT 07 June 19 09:57

Most lawyers lead a double life anyway. I sort of pity those who don't, to be honest. If you choose to advertise your 'other side' because you enjoy doing so, then good on you. She looks like the caricature of what an 'Instagram model' is supposed to look like and frankly sort of ridiculous with all that photoshopping and retouching, but fair play to her for making the most of it, and I guess nice to see employers being a bit more open about what their staff do in their personal life. If people aren't actually bringing the profession into disrepute or causing any harm, then why not? I say this as the bass player for a horror punk/thrash metal band as my 'other' persona. It's not really a secret, as a quick google of my name brings up loads of gigs, reviews and our streaming accounts before my profile on the firm's website, but both the firm and the clients are cool with it and it gives a nice conversation starter to talk about with clients, especially those involved in media and creative industries. If she and her employer find her 'modelling career' brings in work, then so much the better.

Lydia 07 June 19 09:58

It seems to be a combination of a real photograph and a cartoon.

I bet she would look a bit better with less make up and no photo shopping.

Anonymous 07 June 19 11:17

I am an ex colleague of hers! And she didn’t tell them about her instagram account, an associate found it and send it round the firm and they were furious! So that is a total lie that the firms are ok with her social media activities.

Anonymous 07 June 19 11:59

If anyone is having a quiet Friday afternoon and is looking for a way to wile away the final hours before you can hit the pub, do have a scroll through her Instagram followers and their accounts. Most are fake accounts I.e. bots that you pay to follow you. May well explain why she hasn’t been paid to post anything yet.

Hmmm 07 June 19 12:35

“sailed through” is not exactly how I would have described it. She sailed through her time in much the same way that the RMS Titanic sailed through that iceberg. 

SadAnonymous 07 June 19 12:55

If the photo Anon 07 June 19 10:54 found is true then in that photo she is so much better looking that any of the above pictures. It actually scares me a bit that people think her Insta pics could pass as a real/close to real or that it is even pretty. I hope she finds finds the validations she is looking for (should certainly consider seeing someone about this) or if that's not the issue then the income she is looking for. 

Anon-y-mous 07 June 19 12:58

I was tempted to say "someone send her a Mars bar quick" but from the amount of horrendous photoshopping going on here it would probably be more beneficial if we all clubbed together to send her some wax crayons and an eraser...

Anonymous 07 June 19 13:20

I can't remember the name of the app but one of the most popular photo apps in China changes the shape of your face so it becomes more angular. Apparently that is the hot look in China at the moment - it seems she thinks the same.

Anonymous 07 June 19 14:13

Hmm surely any “new” firm would question how someone who is less than 4 years qualified has already worked at four firms (Scottish firm she trained at and 3 US firms referenced above) and is already applying for a fifth...

Photoshoooped 07 June 19 15:18

All the comments saying “skinny queen” are purchased bots. Her Instagram images are clearly photoshopped, and very badly I just say.  A quick google of her law firm portrait reveals she looks nothing like her alien-esque Instagram. Weird and vain.

ShootyMcShootyface 07 June 19 16:08

Anon at 14:00: Most of my posts attract at least 2 down thumbs. Even the innocuous ones. It's like I've got a couple of really lazy stalkers. 

Some quality responses here, m7s. Vertical Abs is my favourite thus far.

legal cheek fan 07 June 19 17:07

I think I saw one of those face pictures in "The Beano" a few years back. People who photoshop their pictures must be pretty insecure. I also can't understand why women plump up their lips. It looks so false, draws attention to them and not in a good admiring way.  

Rofl facetune 07 June 19 19:43

It’s interesting and downright weird how many of her followers and commenters are bots. How conceited and insecure one must be to edit their pictures to appear like another species. Not sure whether to laugh or cry that this lady purchases fake likes and comments proclaiming her to be a “skinny queen”. Just why? 

At legal Cheek fan 17:07 07 June 19 19:51

Lip filler can indeed look good if done tastefully by a skilled doctor. In fact, good lip filler (as with all cosmetic work), should not be immediately noticeable. Look at Bella Hadid and Megan Fox for instance. It’s when ladies go overboard that fillers look botched and unappealing. Not sure if Ms Lu has botched lips in real life but her photoshopping skills certainly make them look out of proportion and botched. Large lips tend to only look good on strong and relatively wide jaws. For instance Angelina Jolie. She’d look odd if her jaw was narrower and weaker. Ms Lu has photoshopped herself a strange narrow triangle jaw which looks cartoonish and strange with the oversized lips. 

Anonymous 07 June 19 20:42

@Anonymous 15:38 If you look her up on LinkedIn that is a real picture of her. That Instagram is just incredibly strange.

Anonymous 07 June 19 20:55

The bikini shots are obviously photoshopped, to the point that her abs look painted and her nose looks like she wouldn't be able to breathe properly.  Or maybe she consulted Michael Jackson's plastics doc.

Olgoi Khorkhoi 07 June 19 21:16

Probably one of the more bizarre creatures existing in the Instagram world... It just saddens me that someone who’s actually quite attractive in real life (def wood) feels the need to come up with these doctored, fake and downright weird pictures. Ok and the whole shtick also seems a bit strange coming from a self-professed “Wall Street firm lawyer”. Just my tuppence

Catfished 08 June 19 01:13

One of the commenters has suggested that Linda Lu’S Instagram is potentially attracting business to the firm. Given that Linda Lu’s official law firm photo and her IG photos are as similar as night and day...doesn’t the firm, Miss Lu or the client feel stupid?! 

Donny Darko' 09 June 19 09:35

Not sure it's 'really weird' or proves she needs psychological help or anything. It's just a bit of fun for her surely.  Lawyers in taking sh*t too seriously non-shocka I guess!

A fan 09 June 19 11:57

Have you seen how many profile views and followers her Instagram has attracted. Whatever she is doing it is certainly working and attracting attention - it’s called marketing. Hence why an entire article was published about her by Roll on Friday who has obviously spotted her talents. Very smart business woman. People should learn from her and stop hating just because you can’t do what she does or look like her. 

Anonymous 09 June 19 17:02

@A fan 09 June 19 11:57: You don't think the RoF coverage above is even slightly tongue-in-cheek? 🤭

SoJeal 09 June 19 17:11

A fan:- I can do what she does (if that's working for US law firms, although I've been boring and stuck with just one for several years as opposed to several for one year). And, despite being a chubby white male, I suspect that, by using Linda's level of Photoshop tweaking, I could certainly get close to looking the same.

Lel 09 June 19 17:25

@A fan 09 June 19 11:57 Actually, I can use Facetune and Photoshop badly too! I could probably photoshop myself into a stick insect alien monster witha bit of practice. However, I can't muster with a cringey and conceited attitude! Which probably explains why I haven't jumped ship 4 times!

Legal Eagle 09 June 19 20:14

Interestingly both Fried Frank and Pillsbury have reportedly reached the highest profit per partner records and both of these firms’ London offices also raised associates salary, while Ms Lu was at those firms. Must be a lucky charm and perhaps having a powerful social media branding helped too ;) No wonder these elite firms keep hiring her and keep involving her in high profile deals. Anyone who has seen her legal profile would be pretty impressed at her accomplishments. Hence why she also attracts many jealous critics who are clearly feeling insecure and inferior. Who has time to go out of their way to bad mouth another unless they felt insecure and threatened.

Observer 09 June 19 20:29

The really negative comments here seem to come from ex-colleagues of Linda from Pillsbury? I heard from a source that she did not enjoy her time there due to being victimized by women in the office who were jealous and bullied her badly. Sad to see they are still desperately trying to sabotage her by bad mouthing her publicly even after she’s departed the toxic environment. Give her a break. The source also revealed they really did try to sabotage her career and gave her a really hard time by trawling through her Instagram account which unfortunately back fired and costed the firm quite a bit. Isn’t victimization still what’s happening here - people never learn or change do they. 

Just a lawyer 09 June 19 20:34

People would be very naive to think it’s easy to jump ship, unless you are a true talent?! The legal circle is very small and everyone talks. If Ms Lu was not an exceptionally great lawyer she would not have been sought after by these top firms! Not saying those who stay at a firm for several years are not good lawyers, but people should give Ms Lu the credit she deserves - I’m sure most of her ex-colleagues (those who not struggle with personal insecurities) would agree.

Insta Famous 09 June 19 20:43

Having a public profile that has 333k followers and millions of views shows confidence. Posting bad comments anonymously doesn’t suggest quite the same...

A fan 09 June 19 21:06

@sojeal @lel: the root of your jealousy and insecurity come from the fact that you both feel you have not jumped ship enough, maybe you are feeling undesirable because no other firm wants to hire you, you feel stuck. If that’s the case I suggest you focus on putting together a good CV and by the sound of it you also desperately need to hit the gym, that way maybe firms will take an interest in you and potentially hired you. Stop investing more energy in hating Linda, your comments are not going to stop her from flouring at her fifth firm / on Instagram. 

doc 09 June 19 21:10

@SoJeal: “a chubby white male” is not going to look anywhere near Ms Lu with digital retouching 🤣. You will need serious surgical adjustments and many years of dedicating yourself to eating well and exercising unfortunately to potentially become fit and goodlooking.

Insta User 09 June 19 21:15

Has anyone actually tried to purchase comments for Instagram - if so please explain how I can do this. I also want to be insta famous!!! 

Fellow lawyer 09 June 19 21:55

Anonymous 07 June 19 12:51 - which ex-firm was this? You know this because..?  Why then is the Instagram account not shut down. In fact the account seems to have been encouraged to be operating judging by the high level of activities on there. Ms Lu’s Instagram must have been attracting business and profit for the firm then. 🤔

Airbrush 09 June 19 21:58

Law firm’s lawyer profile pictures are notoriously highly edited, no one is complaining about having their own faces heavily airbrushed/photoshopped. It’s only a problem when someone else’s airbrushing looks better! Pots calling the kettle black. 

Lol 09 June 19 22:05

@lel 09 June 19 17:25 - you are incredibly bitter about not jumped ship, don’t think you failing to jump ship was by choice then was it. Calling someone a “stick thin alien monster” is rather appalling, I hope you are not this rude in real life, only when you can be a “keyboard warrior”.

Ex for a reason 09 June 19 22:46

Look at the all the ex-colleagues on here desperately trying to but failing to keep up with Linda. Spending all their time hiding behind screens no wonder they can’t “jump ship” / unemployable 😂

Just WOW (not in a good way) 10 June 19 02:51

If Linda Lu’s attitude is anything like her pompous Instagram captions...then it’s no wonder she hasn’t managed to last very long at any of her firms.  And before anyone gives me the “oh you’re just a jealous” spiel, there are several highly  attractive and senior female City solicitors and barristers whom I deeply admire and girl-crush on. They also have wonderful personalities and aren’t up themselves, hence their success. 

Crowdfund Photoshop lessons for Linda Lu 10 June 19 02:56

If you look closely at this SKINNY KWEEEN’S photos, you can see warped furniture and backgrounds.  Also, unless one has a severe eating disorder  etc, heads generally aren’t larger than one’s own waist. Nor are one’s feet usually way bigger than one’s own calves. The editing of the body proportions are both comical and horrifying.  

Love Linda 10 June 19 09:35

Not sure if people are aware Linda has been modeling since her university days? I think she has a pretty good idea about retouching pictures and she’s also used to getting all this attention / jealousy. Photoshopping / retouching existed long before Linda existed - most people should be intelligent enough to work out everything you see everywhere are all retouched. Those who are spending all their time scrutinizing Linda’s photos, not getting grips with the true focus of this article (encouraging professionals to have a life outside of work) and embarrassingly admitting being somewhat a “stalker”/“hater” publicly, are the strange “creatures” who belong in a mental institution. Stop acting like children people, it’s time to grow up. 

Am I missing something 10 June 19 09:38

@Just WOW (not in a good way) - are you also an ex-colleague who is jealous lol? I’m sure everyone would agree Linda’s Instagram is full of positivity - she has no reason not to be positive, look at what she has accomplished!  You on the other hand is the one who is putting others down - this reveals your insecurity and negativity. Do you also need to jump ship to feel better about yourself maybe...

Model 10 June 19 09:49

@crowdfund photoshop lessons for Linda Lu: Being Asian and a size 4 (UK) certainly helps Linda to win her title of “skinny queen”. Linda has gone viral for being good looking and slim and a top lawyer! Look at the hundreds of comments she has received from her fans/followers. I’m curious to know what you look like - you must be drop dead gorgeous to feel it’s justified and you are in a position to criticize Linda’s looks so harshly ... may we see a picture of you please 🤣

Anonymous 10 June 19 10:19

Thanks for all the clarifications and updates Linda!  Sorry you had to spend your Sunday evening and now your Monday morning on all those replies 🤷🏻‍♂️

Anonymous 10 June 19 11:48

Oh my word Linda has been busy posting multiple positive comments on her own article! No external validation needed though right guys?

Anonymous 10 June 19 12:00

The comment above may well be correct when it states that some of these comments are from former colleagues at Pilsbury who hated her...however I would argue that some others of them are from her former colleagues at Fried Frank and Cadwalader who also hated her... oh wait I am seeing a trend here! 

Anonymous 10 June 19 12:32

I suppose somebody who would pay for fake Instagram comments would also post fake positive comments on this article... 

Anonymous 10 June 19 14:39

Linda can’t spell “flowering” - see comment above where she wrote “flouring” 🤣

An Ex-colleague 10 June 19 14:50

I think only the ex-colleagues who are jealous are hating and it is very apparent there is only a small group of them who struggles with their own body images and career progression thus far. Please leave the rest of us out of this war. End of the day, no one would bother writing disparaging remarks about anyone unless they feel insecure right :) I don’t hate Linda I enjoyed working with her. 

Observer 10 June 19 14:52

Judging by Linda’s Instagram it appears she spent the whole weekend with her friends socialising...the commentators on here however probably stayed up until the wee hours every night brain storming what disparaging remarks to write about. Should you not be working? Ah that explains why many of you can’t jump ship or lose weight.

Another Anonymous 10 June 19 14:54

@annonymous: how do you purchase comments on Instagram is there even such a thing? Or are you just saying it to make Linda look bad because you secretly wish you had her looks and talents but you can’t. I don’t think Linda needs to purchase comments even if she could, since she has 333k followers. 

Lovenohate 10 June 19 14:57

The reasons for their jealousy are outlined as follows: 1) not goodlooking; 2) being overweight; and 3) haven’t jumped ship enough. None of the above can be changed by posting comments on here 🤣.

Haters 10 June 19 14:59

wow did some of the comments actually explicitly state “hate” her...that is a very strong emotion indeed, there isn’t hate unless there was firstly love...I thought people were joking about there being haters, the hate is real!!! 

Who 10 June 19 15:02

I would love to known who these anonymous haters are, fancy using your real names to post something? 

HAHAHAHAHAH 10 June 19 15:03

@Love Linda: Don’t be stupid. There’s a huge difference between airbrushing (as in removing wrinkles and wobbly bits etc) and distorting one’s own face and body to look like another species.  @Model: Oh hello Linda!!! You should get back to purchasing bots to tell you that you “STAN” your size four unedited body!  

R u dense m8? 10 June 19 15:10

Seeing lots of comments that apparently Many of Ms Lu’s erstwhile colleagues disliked her. With her attitude, it’s not difficult to see why.    There is a handful of extremely attractive and successful women lawyers in the City. So Linda etc should stop pushing the narrative that it’s her appearance and bullying from jealous colleagues etc which is hindering her. It’s certainly not. It’s her [redacted]

Chloe 10 June 19 15:14

Everyone is hating because this woman is beautiful and intelligent!! She is doing what she loves and is good at it aswell. Dont get bitter get better :) 

Instagram catfish 10 June 19 15:15

Uhm it’s no wonder that Linda Lu removes herself from all but one tagged photo. Because she doesn’t resemble the alien stick insect that she wants to be.  I have no issue with editing photos. Just the quality of the editing, which is objectively terrible. 

Danno 10 June 19 15:19

Some salty people on here, the girls stunning and  clearly loving life unlike most of you. 

Anonymous 123 10 June 19 15:19

Absolutely gorgeous and someone to look up to in the industry for not being afraid of herself 

Dr Strokeoff 10 June 19 15:34

''The reasons for their jealousy are outlined as follows: 1) not goodlooking; 2) being overweight; and 3) haven’t jumped ship enough. None of the above can be changed by posting comments on here 🤣.'' Are you high? What are you going on about?

Lisa 10 June 19 15:35

Love following your stories and posts of your travels. I always get inspiration for my next destination and restaurants to check out. Keep up the amazing content gorgeous x

Madi Sharpe 10 June 19 15:36

Most of her followers are spam pages, not bots, and I'm pretty close friends with Linda on Instagram, and I honestly don't care if she photoshops pictures or not because she is beautiful either way. So please stop hating on her.

Anonymous 10 June 19 15:43

Great to see that someone who has worked hard in life is recognised for their academic achievements and that people also enjoy sharing her creative outlet on Instagram! Very cool style and theme she has created for her page! Thumbs up!! 

Big Fans!! 10 June 19 15:44

Stop Hating on this beautiful, intelligent woman because your jealous!! She is beautiful and doesn’t deserve all the hate!! 🎀

Vadim 10 June 19 15:56

Smart, stunning, gorgeous girl 🌟 Do what you love doing! Be yourself, everyone else is already taken 😘

Taylor 10 June 19 15:57

I find you people have nothing better to do, but to hate on someone who has beauty and intelligence. Go find something better to do with your life than to bash this beautiful woman!

Anonymous 10 June 19 15:59

Example of someone who works hard and party harder. If you want this lifestyle then work harder yourself to get this rather than trolling people and trampling on their acheivements.

MOSTLY ASIAN BEAUTY 10 June 19 16:11

She's a hottie. If you don't like her don't follow. @MOSTLY_ASIAN_BEAUTY always loves Asian beauties like @xlindalux ☺️

LBS 10 June 19 16:24

Im totally unsure what someones bodytype/pics/editing/non editing/etc etc have to do with the fact this woman is a lawyer. When you graduate from law school do you sign a life long contract stating that you wont get too fat, too ugly, or too unedited .. in case you step across the boundary of whats seen as "acceptable". Leave her alone. If this was a slightly chubby, average looking individual posting pictures would they receive the same abuse or is this abuse purely from a standpoint of her crossing the line of "glossing over the truth" and "vanity".. something which I am absolutely certain no other lawyers do AT ALL in any area of their life. These comments are standard bullying from keyboard happy individuals who actually appear to almost take glee in the ganging up mentality of another person. 

Sc 10 June 19 16:36

I've known Linda for a number of years. I've only seen a hard working and enthusiastic woman driven by goals! As for her instagram account I only see a woman who enjoys her life through the fruits of her labour. To tarnish this image in any way is merely jealousy or hate. It's pretty sad really to act in such a way 

Anon 10 June 19 16:43

It’s actually shocking how comfortable people are in being hateful and judgemental towards a woman who is rightly proud and confident of what she’s accomplished and how she chooses to run her own personal Instagram account. Linda’s life has zero effect (literally none) on any of yours so why waste your time with horrible comments? Focus on yourself and don’t go on her page if you don’t like it lol 

Ermmm? 10 June 19 16:49

Lmfao how is excessive & poor photoshopping and posting pompous captions a "double life"?  Also it's pretty clear that Ms Lu is replying to many of the comments here, calling other overweight, ugly etc. Her awkward writing style is pretty obvious.