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A child & child. Run!

The COO and the Managing Partner of Child & Child have both resigned. 

Goli-Michelle Banan stepped down as Managing Partner last week and also resigned as a director. The solicitor, who describes her approach as "iron fist in velvet glove" on her profile page, remains at the firm as its head of real estate.

The COO, 31-year-old Adil Taha, resigned this week and has left Child & Child completely.

Taha, a non-lawyer, joined the firm in July 2019 following a disastrous period in which Child & Child collapsed into administration and its then Senior Partner was fined £45,000 by the SDT after his relaxed approach to vetting clients was exposed by the Panama Papers.

The firm's assets were purchased by five of its partners and Omni Partners LLP, a private equity investor. Taha and Banan were installed to run the new entity, Allium Law Limited, which continued to trade as Child & Child.

But in May 2020 all four of the remaining equity partners resigned as directors, and two left the firm completely.

At the time, Taha said it was simply a case of Child & Child having "adapted during COVID-19 and restructured".

"The firm has parted company with Adil Taha", confirmed Chris Williamson, who is named as the 'Finance Director of Child & Child at Omni Partners LLP', which perhaps gives a clue as to where the power lies. "As a firm, we do not comment upon gossip or rumour so the Firm has no further comment". 

Meanwhile, the accounts of the private client and residential property firm are now almost six months overdue. A notice to strike Allium Law Limited off the register appeared at Companies House last month, before it was discontinued the following day.

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Anonymous 11 December 20 10:02

This article is so good that I am going to print it, frame it, and hang it in my loo!  

Anonymous 14 December 20 13:15

Worked there during COVID, and these 2 carried it through a tough time. Not good for the firm. Great people there 

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