A Charles Russell Speechlys partner has released a heartfelt ode to lease enfranchisement on Youtube.

Private wealth, real estate and construction partner Andrew Slatter plays the piano, sings in tune and, most impressively, looks passionate about altering the status of flats in his cover of Adele's Make You Feel My LoveSlatter's version, renamed Enfranchisement Sublime, is awaiting viral success on Youtube, which remains just out of reach with 216 views.

    Beiber's heir, yesterday

But mass consumption may not be the intention as the video, labelled "Entry for Firm of the Year", is the firm's submission for the much coveted, if little known, 'Enfranchisement Awards'. The Watford Gap Premier Inn function room is in for a treat if Slatter wins:

    So many O faces

Slatter told RollOnFriday, "It was inevitable that the passion and commitment of the firm to Enfranchisement would eventually find its expression in song". He revealed that, "I wrote the lyric late at night on a deserted wet and windswept platform, just out of the office and the drafting of a particularly challenging Section 42 Notice. It is a song from the heart of CRS".

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Anonymous 29 May 15 15:39

Why does everyone in the professional services sector feel a need to insist how passionate they are about the most tedious and dullest of things? I can't believe anyone springs out of bed thinking, "I'm gonna get me some enfranchisement" (whatever da fooq that is).