CMS Cameron McKenna has not only cancelled Christmas, it now appears to be cancelling qualification too.

The firm has confirmed that there are only 19 NQ roles available for its 30 London-based trainees who are set to qualify in February 2011. And three of these will not even be in London - there is one role up for grabs at each of Camerons' Aberdeen, Bristol and Edinburgh offices. What's more RollOnFriday has also been told that one of the 19 roles has already been ear-marked for a Polish lawyer at the firm, although this was strenuously denied by a spokeswoman for the firm.

However, even taking this out of the equation, for those trainees who aren't prepared to up sticks to Scotland or the West Country there are only 16 jobs available. Pretty low figures compared to the September 2010 intake, where 27 of the firm's 33 trainees were retained. And a cheerless Christmas ahead for many trainees.


A Camerons trainee reacting to the news yesterday

But Camerons is not the only one displaying some very un-festive behaviour. SNR Denton has also seen fit to cancel its Christmas party. In an email forwarded to RollOnFriday, trainees were told that "unfortunately we found out today that the firm is not in a position to fund our Christmas party this year." Bah humbug. A spokesman said that "we're not funding separate Christmas parties as we're investing in a big charity event this week and providing a free Christmas lunch for all staff".

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