09 January 2018
Browne Jacobson gave staff a nasty surprise this Christmas when it informed them that they would not be paid.

Instead of a salary, Browne Jacobson employees received an email from their Finance Director on 22 December. He revealed that a glitch in the payroll system mean that salaries for the month would not be forthcoming.

He explained that the firm was, however, "able to afford" to advance each employee £500 to tide them over until 27 December. His decision to call the offering "a very kind gesture" drew criticism from some staff, who pointed out to RollOnFriday that it was not so much a kind a gesture as a fraction of the pay to which they were entitled, just before the most costly time of the year.

  A finance director expecting gratitude, yesterday.

A spokesperson for Browne Jacobson said, “In seeking to bring forward our payroll date to take account of the Christmas break, a technical issue in the interface between our payroll and the BACs system meant there was a one day delay in processing salary payments meaning that for some, but not all, of our people their salary would have been received just after Christmas rather than just before. To minimise any inconvenience this may have caused we made an additional advance of funds to every one of our employees before the firm closed for the Christmas break”.

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Anonymous 12 Jan 18

in this day and age I don't see why salary needs to be paid any differently, isn't that what credit cards are for?

And if you are on a lowish income it just makes January even harder

Anonymous 12 Jan 18

Experienced this before with another firm. Not really news. Just poor attention to detail by someone in the finance or payroll team.

Anonymous 13 Jan 18

So did they break the law or was pay day later anyway? If they did break the law then they should have for those few people offered the whole salary not £500 to tied them over.

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